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Because of the lack of these “two extreme products”, Truong Phi could not win against La Bo

Before the upheaval and turmoil of the people in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, countless heroes and heroes appeared. In it, there are many talented generals who are extremely good at fighting, becoming an obsession on the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms such as La Bo, Truong Phi…

Truong Phi was a famous general of the Shu Han Dynasty. Not only has the strength of thousands of people, but Truong Phi is also described as a martial arts general, who even has a talent for calligraphy.

Why is it so difficult for Truong Phi to win against Lu Bu?  Not martial arts, but because of the lack of

Truong Phi is considered one of the strongest martial arts generals in the Three Kingdoms. Photo: Sóhu

During his military career, Truong Phi made many impressions on his ability to fight as well as strength on the battlefield.

For example, Truong Phi once forced Cao Cao’s army to retreat while fighting at Duong Duong – Truong Ban in 208. At that time, before Cao Cao’s attack, Liu Bei’s side failed, fleeing one place at a time. . Before fleeing, Liu Bei ordered Truong Phi to bring 20 horsemen to stop the Cao army from pursuing. After waiting for Liu Bei and the others to cross the river, Truong Phi blocked the rear at the head of Truong Ban Bridge to prevent Cao’s army.

When the Cao army chased to the place, Truong Phi alone held the spear on the bridge and shouted loudly that the Cao army did not dare to advance to fight for fear of other plans. In the end, the Cao army had to retreat.

When it comes to the most famous martial arts generals in the Three Kingdoms, contemporaries often circulate the saying: “One La two Trieu three Dien Vi, four Quan five Ma six Truong Phi”.

This saying also partly speaks to the position of the number 1 strong general in the Three Kingdoms, which is La Bo. However, among the remaining 5 strong generals, only Truong Phi was the most reckless, even daring to scold and provoke the first martial arts general like Lu Bu.

Looking at the above rankings, it can be seen that the gap between Truong Phi and Lu Bu is actually not small. So, why did Truong Phi dare to challenge Lu Bu in the battle of Ho Lao Quan?

Truong Phi’s talent and martial arts cannot be underestimated. According to the Three Kingdoms, when he slashed Nhan Luong, Quan Vu also told Cao Cao that he himself had not penetrated anywhere, instead, his younger brother Truong Duc Duc (ie Truong Phi) could still be in the army. Hundreds of thousands of people can take the head of a general as easily as something in a pocket.

This shows that Quan Vu highly appreciates Truong Phi’s martial arts.

It should be recalled that, before fighting in Ho Lao Quan, Lu Bu was a “war god” famous everywhere with his strength and fighting ability that terrified the enemy. Meanwhile, Truong Phi only followed the not-so-famous Liu Bei.

The Battle of Hu Laoguan took place in the context of a war between Dong Zhuo and an alliance of 18 vassals led by Yuan Thieu.

While La Bo spurred on his horse, Xich Tho nearly caught up with Cong Ton Toan, Truong Phi suddenly shouted and cursed La Bo as “the three family servant”. At that time, Lu Bu turned to fight with Truong Phi.

This provocative curse really challenged Lu Bu. This is the first time Truong Phi has fought alone with Lu Bu. According to the interpretation of the Three Kingdoms, Zhang Fei enthusiastically fought against Lu Bu. However, the two men fought more than 50 rounds and still could not decide whether to win or lose. Guan Yu then stood outside and saw this, so he took the Qinglong Yen Nguyet knife to fight with him. The two continued to fight for another 30 rounds, but still could not defeat Lu Bu. At that time, Luu Bei took two swords and spurred his horse to run in to help fight. After that, Lu Bu still broke through the encirclement and escaped.

This can clearly be seen that Lu Bu’s excellent fighting ability is indeed the “god of war” in the Three Kingdoms.

Why is it so difficult for Truong Phi to win against La Bo?

Looking at the battle of Hu Lao Quan, it can be seen that the single-player battle between Truong Phi and Lu Bu still has no final answer.

Of course, in terms of martial arts and bravery, both Lu Bu and Truong Phi are extremely superior. If the two’s singles match lasted long, the first few hundred innings would be difficult to distinguish between winners and losers. However, although Truong Phi is brave and reckless, it is very difficult to win against La Bo because of these two things. It’s weapons and war horses.

Why is it so difficult for Truong Phi to win against Lu Bu?  Not martial arts, but because of the lack of

Lu Bu has both outstanding strength and possesses two rare treasures, the Red Horse and Phuong Thien Hoa Kiet. Photo: Sohu

Lu Bu is famous throughout the Three Kingdoms when he owns two rare treasures in the world, that is, the Red Horse and the ‘spiritual’ Phuong Thien Hoa Kiet capable of causing great damage.

Firstly, Phuong Thien Hoa Strike is inherently a difficult weapon to use, but if you know how to use it, it can exert great power. Lu Bu is a very proficient user of Phuong Thien Hoa Strike and is also the one who contributed to the name of this weapon.

Second, Lu Bu owned the first steed at that time. It’s the Red Horse. Referring to La Bo, contemporaries often used the sentence: “The people have Lu Bu, the code is Xich Tho” (roughly translated: People have Lu Bu, horses have Xich Tho). This saying is to praise two rare “extreme products” in the Three Kingdoms, namely the “war god” Lu Bo and the precious horse, Xich Tho.

Xich Tho is considered one of the most famous war horses in the Three Kingdoms. The Red Rabbit is described as having a red body, no stray hairs, can travel thousands of miles a day, and easily climbs mountains and streams.

The speed of the Red Rabbit on the battlefield also terrifies the enemy when it can fly at a very fast speed. Combined with the power of Lu Bu, the perfect piece of Red Rabbit really makes the image of this mighty general on the battlefield extremely brave.

Therefore, if the battle continued for a long time, even if Truong Phi’s strength could fight with Lu Bu, the weapons and war horses at that time would be difficult to withstand.

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