BST “VIAGGIO” – The journey to make a man’s temperament

“VIAGGIO” – in Italian means journey, crossing the sea. The life of each man can be compared to a journey across the sea – interesting but also arduous and challenging.


The yacht scene contributes to conveying a true picture of life with many ups and downs, where a man shows his bravery and temperament, confidently steers his ship the way he wants – takes control of his life. At the same time, they also know how to balance career and family, know how to enjoy life.


The Lookbook series conveys the message of successful men’s journey to conquer all challenges and reach new heights. TORANO products always accompany the brothers in that journey of conquering success, and at the same time show the bravery of a strong, confident, masculine, elegant and aristocratic man.


The face of the brand this time is actor Kim Ly. Sharing about this choice, Mr. Le Khanh Hung – CEO of the company shared: “Kim Ly is the ideal man image that the brand wants to show: Masculine, strong and successful”. It can be seen that the brand has chosen carefully to find the right face for this collection.

The collection focuses on summer designs such as polo, shorts or short-sleeved shirts. Including two special designs, representing the story of the collection, which are VIAGGIO POLO and ROLAND POLO.

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The designs in the collection are focused on cool materials such as coolmax, linen,… ensuring maximum comfort. Besides, there are also some innovative products, choosing fresh textures, providing endless summer inspiration when the tourist season is approaching.


It can be said that TORANO’s VIAGGIO collection, although recently launched, has gained a lot of attention with its beautiful – unique – strange concept, many trendy products; and an indispensable part is the presence of Kim Ly, which has contributed to successfully conveying the story of the BST. Each design in the BST is the passion and cherished by the design team in the hope of accompanying you on your journey!

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