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Cam often shows off the beautiful body of a runner-up from the back, who is so fascinated?

On the evening of April 21, the Vietnamese stars invited each other to land on the red carpet of the event Elle Beauty Awards 2022. Amidst a series of eye-catching beauties with daring cut-out dresses, people’s attention is focused on the beautiful body hidden inside the see-through dress. Who is this long-legged runner with sexy body?

The amazingly beautiful body of the runner-up turned from behind

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Seen from the back, the body of a certain long leg looks so enchanting. The design of the dress that penetrates under the lights is even more effective, making her already slim legs even slimmer

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Cover the places that need to be covered, open the places that need to be opened, the penetrating outfit helps the beautician to show off her extreme physical advantages.

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And that person is none other than runner-up Mau Thuy. On the red carpet of the Elle Beauty Awards event, Mau Thuy chose for herself a long, see-through dress with tiny beads. Above her, add a ton sur ton hood with a skirt. In addition, she also chooses brown makeup with the highlight of sharp eyes and glossy lips

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Under the penetrating skirt, Mau Thuy showed off her long slender legs. Not stopping there, Miss Hau also showed off her full bust through the tight-fitting bra above

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