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Can you handle H’Hen Niê?

A few days ago, he was still wearing the color of a soldier’s blue shirt rolling around in “Stars Join the Army“, Supermodel Minh Tu re-appeared to showbiz with the hottest show on the stage of Miss World Vietnam 2022.

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As one of the guest judges in the Vietnam Beauty Fashion Fest series of events, and also the “teacher” who directly leads Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien and Do Thi Ha Making history in front of the international beauty arena, Minh Tu showed the class of a supermodel, burning the stage in a cut black dress design by designer Le Thanh Hoa.

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The moment she stepped on stage was enough to make the public freeze. Not to mention the dress completely reveals a toned bare back with a beautiful back that comes from the position of “comrade” Minh Tu. The clip is only a few seconds, but it is enough for Minh Tu to overwhelm the entire Bong Queen next to him.

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Showing off her “squishy” bare back to match the beauty of the whole Miss Universe, but will Minh Tu be able to beat Miss H’Hen Niê in this extremely sexy encounter?

Miss H’Hen Niê used to show off her tight body in this very design not too long ago. And it is not a light coincidence that both supermodel Minh Tu and Miss H’Hen Nie chose the same make-up layout and hairstyle, even the luxurious high heels “with the same team” sparkled.


Miss H’Hen Niê and supermodel Minh Tu had an extremely sexy encounter just a few days apart. Not only are they similar in terms of makeup, hairstyle or accessories, but they both show off their solid brown skin and beautiful curves when wearing this design by designer Le Thanh Hoa.

Miss H’Hen Nie had a “great war” on the red carpet when showing off her perfect back in a dress by designer Le Thanh Hoa. Compared to a sharp Minh Tu with a toned body, H’Hen Niê makes fans hold their breath in front of a smooth and spotless bee back. The bottom-belt curve is even more magical when exposed by H’Hen Niê through the sexy backless design.

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Fan beauty is like a sculpture standing in front of the beautiful back of the Queen of the Nation. Thanks to her solid brown skin, H’Hen Niê is even more sexy in this sexy black dress design.

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Both Miss H’Hen Niê and supermodel Minh Tu showed off their backs that shocked Vbiz. One is to make an unprecedented history at Miss Universe, one to become a “teacher” to lead students to the top of the international beauty arena; Just talking about it is enough to be stunned by this top-notch encounter.

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If Minh Tu is sweet and fresh, H’Hen Niê brings a unique “quality” to this cut-out dress. The design is clearly trendy, but wearing H’Hen Niê’s body is rebellious, defiant and bold Latin.

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The same brown skin team, the same beauty must be said to be strangely beautiful compared to the current Vbiz beauties, and it is no exaggeration to say that Minh Tu and H’Hen Niê are two long legs with the most standard body ever Vbiz . To distinguish who is hotter, sexier than who seems to be impossible.

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