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Commencement of 500kV Lao Cai substation and connection line

The project of 500kV Lao Cai substation and connected 220kV lines is assigned by EVN to Power Project Management Board 1 to manage the construction investment. The main tasks of the project include: clearing the capacity of small hydroelectric power sources in the Northwest and neighboring provinces such as Lao Cai, Ha Giang and Yen Bai, supporting the import of electricity when necessary; reduce the load for the existing 500kV Son La – Hiep Hoa, Son La – Nho Quan transmission lines, ensuring power supply for the development load demand and energy security of the national power system.

The project has a total investment of more than VND 1,564 billion with the scale: building a new 500/220/35kV transformer station, with a capacity of 2x900MVA, with a backup location to install the 3rd transformer when necessary; building 220kV overhead lines, 4 circuits and 2 circuits, ACSR500/64 conductors from 500kV Lao Cai substation to the forward connection point to the existing 220kV Bao Thang – Yen Bai transmission line, route length 17.52 kilometer. Funding sources for the project include 80% loans from domestic commercial banks and 20% counterpart funds from EVN.

Commencement of 500kV Lao Cai substation and connection line - 1

500kV Lao Cai construction launch ceremony.

The project is divided into two phases: Phase 1 builds a 220kV distribution yard and 220kV lines to connect and energize in the fourth quarter of 2022 (synchronously with 220kV lines connected to 500kV Lao Cai substation. invested and built by the National Power Transmission Corporation). Phase 2 builds and distributes 500kV and completes the project, energizing the fourth quarter of 2024 (synchronizing with the 500kV Lao Cai – Vinh Yen transmission line project).

Speaking at the construction implementation ceremony, Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh thanked the close attention and direction of the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee of Lao Cai province; The support and coordination of leaders of departments, branches and districts of the province as well as people have given up land for EVN to implement the project.

Such support and support greatly contributed to helping EVN successfully carry out the tasks assigned by the Party and State. The Chairman of EVN’s Member Council hopes to continue receiving the attention and support of the authorities at all levels as well as the people in the province so that EVN’s projects deployed in the area can be completed, built and operated on schedule.

Commencement of 500kV Lao Cai substation and connection line - 2

EVN praised the Power Project Management Board 1 for its efforts, well coordinated with ministries, branches, authorities of Lao Cai province and Bao Thang district in agreement on alignment, conversion of forest use purposes, design approval, and compensation. usually clearance and selection of contractors to organize the project construction.

EVN requires the Power Project Management Board 1 to focus on management and administration, closely monitor quality, and coordinate well with local authorities during the construction process so that the project is completed on schedule and strictly adheres to the regulations. laws.

EVN also requires construction contractors to fully mobilize resources and organize construction to meet the schedule; fully comply with the quality management process and the safety, health, environment and social management process as prescribed in the contract; The design consultancy and construction supervision unit performs well the author’s supervision, closely coordinates with related parties to promptly handle problems and arising problems in service of the construction process.

Speaking at the ceremony, the leader of Lao Cai province said that he is always aware of the importance and urgency of the 500kV Lao Cai substation project and the connected power transmission line going through the province. Recently, leaders of Lao Cai province have directed departments, branches and localities to actively participate in handing over the site to the investor for project implementation.

Leaders of Lao Cai province committed to always accompany, support and share work with the Electricity sector to jointly build and complete the project on schedule. At the same time, it is suggested that relevant departments, branches, People’s Committees and people of localities where the project passes through create all favorable conditions and provide maximum support to EVN with the fastest solution to settlement of compensation procedures. site clearance, procedures for changing forest use purposes, other related problems to hand over the construction site of the 500kV Lao Cai substation project and later the 500kV Lao Cai – Vinh Yen transmission line required progress.

On the occasion of the construction implementation ceremony, the Electricity of Vietnam Group supported Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province with an amount of VND 500 million to build houses for the poor and realize the goal of building a new countryside.

Project of 500kV Lao Cai substation and connectors

Investor: Vietnam Electricity Corporation

Project management: Power Project Management Board 1

Design consultancy unit: 1 . Electrical Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company

Design appraisal unit: 4 . Electrical Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company

Scale: Install 2 500kV-900MVA transformers, build 220kV connecting lines with a length of more than 17 km

Total investment: 1,564 billion VND

Expected completion of the whole project: Quarter 4/2024.

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