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Do not use hot water to defrost meat

According to MSc.BS Nguyen Van Tien – Nutrition Education and Communication Center, National Institute of Nutrition, common ways to defrost foods that keep their value nutrition of food is to leave the product in its original packaging and submerge it in cold water, or under running water. Do not soak food directly in water because the nutrient-rich cellulite will dissolve and dissolve in the water, the food will lose nutrients and become mushy.

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Leave the product in its original packaging and immerse in cold water. (Illustration)

One way to defrost is to move food to the refrigerator. 1 day before using, should move the ingredients from the freezer to the refrigerator to defrost. This is a method that is considered the most optimal and safest but takes a lot of time. The product is gradually thawed in the refrigerator, if not used immediately, it can still be stored in such conditions for 3-5 days. If necessary, it can be refrozen by transferring it back to the freezer for longer storage.

MSc Nguyen Van Tien added that defrosting with a microwave oven is also very good because the high-frequency electric field will cause internal friction in the food itself, causing the food to heat up, thaw but not break the cells. .

With this method, the food must be prepared immediately as the meat may be slightly overcooked. In addition, frozen meat and fish can be roasted and grilled in the microwave without having to defrost.

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