Elon Musk hinted at the “robotaxi” project

Tesla is planning to produce a car without a steering wheel, nor using a brake or accelerator. According to Elon Musk’s statement during a meeting to discuss financial statements, the device called “robotaxi” will enter domestic production in 2024.

It will basically be optimized to achieve the ideal level of cost per mile, cost per kilometer traveled, taking all such aspects into account.” said Mr Musk. “BILLIONoh i think this will be [một dự án lớn] push Tesla to grow.” He said that the lack of a steering wheel and no pedals means that the car is “optimized for self-driving capabilities”.“.

When asked more deeply, Elon Musk said Tesla may open an event to announce project details next year. In addition, he did not comment further on this robotaxi device.

Also in the meeting, Musk once again emphasized the importance of the development project humanoid robot. He thinks that users will be interested in cognitive load individuals into such an object, and that the robotics business will likely surpass that of car assembly and sales. 2022042114324159.chn

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