Epic makes players happy again, giving away the second best horror game for free in 2020

Amnesia is a puzzle horror game – where players cannot fight back but must flee from threats from the dark abyss. After the success of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Frictional Games has released the next sequel to this series with the name Amnesia: Rebirth.

Set in the same universe as the previous game, Amnesia: Rebirth will revolve around a new character along with a new storyline. Players will take the role of Tasi Trianon, who awakens in the Algerian desert after a concussion that appears to be a plane crash. True to the game’s title, Tasi doesn’t remember how she got here, her mission is to find a way to restore her memories and try to put them back together, while still having to fight the enemies. The horror that comes from within the world in which she exists.

Epic again delighted players, giving away the second best horror game in 2020 for free - Photo 1.

Amnesia: Rebirth is set in a first-person perspective. As Tasi explores the world, she will enter many different locations both on earth and in a world of another dimension and have to deal with many of those sentences differently. The game will still allow players to manage the physical and mental factors with some mechanics to stay awake.

The game will take players into a new world with alternating between different wide and narrow spaces so that players can freely explore and depending on those spaces, the game will also arrange various forms of entertainment. More diverse puzzles than the old game. Of course, the tweaks to the puzzle element as well as the ability to generate monsters are still a mystery, but the game company has promised that each puzzle or every creature that Tasi faces will always be different. In addition, Rebirth will still have the same Safe Mode as the previous game so that players do not feel too stressed.

As expected, Amnesia: Rebirth will be released for free on the Epic Games Store from 22:00 on April 21, 2022. Those who are interested can download the game here.

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