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F5 the spirit of learning with a series of versatile gadgets from 39k is stirring TikTok

The school supplies of the “top” idol group alone are enough to make Gen Z “eyes of the letter A, mouth of the letter O” and want to buy it right away. Candy ballpoint pens, electric erasers, cute spiral notebooks… priced from only 39k on Lazada on the occasion of “Life Week”. Look forward to it, close the application right away to get excited about studying, Gen Z.

Eternal Pencil for Minimalism enthusiasts

If you are looking for a school item to make a “credit” with your partner or best friend, a minimalist pencil below is just what you need. Simple pen design with 2 tones of black – white for men and women to use with the ability to not need ink, not spark but can be used forever, super convenient. Make sure that every time you use it, “that person” will forever remember you. Products are being reduced by nearly 45%, less than 23k. Add to cart now to receive free shipping to your home!

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Moshiro luminous highlight pen “must-have” item for decorative “war gods”

Highlighter pens are one of the indispensable items in the daily study kit of Gen Z. Set of 6 Moshiro highlight pens with diverse colors not only help mark notes, but also help you decorate your notebooks. beautiful, worthy of the “top” surfer more than 180p a day. What’s more amazing is that she is not only having a promotion for up to 58% off the price to 52k, but also has a special offer to buy 2 get 5% off, buy 3 get 10% off on Lazada on the occasion of the “Week of Life” promotion taking place from today until 4/26.

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Electric eraser for the art association of technology

Holding iPhone 13 does not necessarily show modernity, Gen Z now, even the eraser must be a new technology called “top”. The design of the small, multi-sized eraser head automatically rotates, easily correcting the smudged lines accurately. The product comes with 2 heads of sizes: 5mm and 2.5mm to clean even the smallest lines. Close the order now because the price is down 39% to only 152k, plus a voucher of 15k for orders from 199k in the “Week of Life” promotion on Lazada from April 20 to April 26.

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Cute notepad, highlight for notes

Watching the Gen Z group on TikTok these days are racing to review the note box set with a lovely, lovely and also very fancy design. Just when the exam was coming up, Gen Z rushed into a review posture but knew how to buy more of these “children”, but X2 was interested in studying. This type of note paper has 3 different sizes for you to freely change. Make sure to use these sticky notes and your friends will text loudly asking where you bought them, but they’re so pretty. Shop now for only 68k with freeship offer.

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“Pretty” tone spring book for a brighter school day

In addition to the notes, the Gen Z association should have one more mini notebook in their school bag every day. With this spring notebook suggestion, it will help you quickly record the content that needs attention or reminder notes. The book has a lovely design, “cute” color, and has a spring frame that is easy to flip and open as well as a small size that is very convenient to pocket. Deli’s 75*102mm, 100-page notebooks are being sold on Lazada with a 44% discount, only 15k on the occasion of “Week of Life” on Lazada.

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Pen bag with 2 compartments – a bit of organization to start the day neatly

To pack all learning tools from pens to rulers, notepads or a mini notebook, Gen Z association don’t forget to add a 2-compartment pen bag. The rectangular bag design holds your “world” of learning, along with the 2-compartment design to help organize your belongings easily according to individual purposes. Products with many beautiful colors for you to easily choose are still up to 67% off, only less than 30k on the occasion of “Week of Life” on Lazada from now until April 26. What are you waiting for without closing right away here.

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Folding study table for Korean standard study corner

Finally, the Gen Z association “sees” the beautiful Korean standard home decor style like “top” people but still saves money, the minimalist folding table below is the true love. The table is easy to fold, easy to move, and can be used as a dining table, desk, and study table. And her price is also extremely lovely when on sale 37% only 189k on Lazada.

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The Gen Z Association takes advantage of “single lock” right away with a few “unique” items, F5 learning kits, ready to “armor” to fight for 10 points in the upcoming exam! In addition to the above beautiful and versatile learning tools, you can also shop for many other stylish items at great prices right on Lazada during the “Week of Life” sale. What are you waiting for, stop by the Lazada app right away and get some kids, Gen Z!

F5's learning spirit with a series of versatile gadgets from 39k is stirring TikTok - Photo 8.

The “Week of Life” program on Lazada taking place from April 20 to April 26 brings many attractive offers with sales up to 50% daily, free shipping nationwide, 25k orders off from 99k on the whole floor. Besides, you also receive vouchers for up to 50% off, 99k vouchers, 15k exclusive Zalopay vouchers for 199k orders.

The sale program lasts by theme each day:

• Monday – DIY LAz with 99k voucher, brand shock deal;

• Tuesday – NonnNerd Laz, gift voucher for orders from 49k

• Wednesday – Home Laz with voucher for orders from 500K;

• Thursday – Cook Laz with voucher for orders from 500K; Motor Laz Friday, voucher for orders from 1 million VND.

Watch now here Or visit the Lazada app to instantly shop for a series of bold sale products!

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