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Fashionable patterns make summer come alive

The joyful atmosphere of summer has arrived, this is the time for the girls to freely dress up in colorful costumes such as: Sweet floral motifs, personality checkers or mischievous polka dots.

Summer It’s the season of enthusiasm and energy so don’t make your summer boring. Besides plain or monochromatic colors, you should refresh yourself with interesting variations of textures.

Checkered costume

Not fancy but the designs plaid Simplicity really gives your look a retro “breath” and attractive vintage colors.

If you want to be sweeter and more feminine, the pink mini skirt with a bow tie is an extremely suitable choice on sunny summer days.

Not only bringing youthfulness to the wearer, the plaid pattern is also extremely diverse with many designs: horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, buffalo stripes, gingham stripes…

Buying items with checkered patterns into your wardrobe, you will not worry about “loss of capital” because year after year, they will never go out of fashion.

Floral pattern outfit

Floral print clothes are an indispensable feature of summer fashion, in terms of femininity and beauty, there is certainly no style that can prevail over colorful flowers.

In the hot summer days, the items covered with flowers are not only outstanding, brilliant, suitable for the joyful and exciting atmosphere but also bring a feeling of freshness and comfort.

As an unwritten rule of the fashion world, floral motifs are best combined on all styles of dresses. From the design of youthful flowing dresses, elegant flared dresses to attractive body dresses.

polka dot costume

It is undeniable that seemingly simple outfits will be greatly enhanced when they are dotted with polka dots.

Subtle classic, polka dot motifs when appearing always bring attraction and make fashion-loving girls fall in love.

Summer comes, polka dot motifs are “on the throne” with “dresses” from beo, cute to personality and dynamic. In particular, they are also very popular with office girls.

Every time summer comes, world Dresses become extremely vibrant with many lovely patterns. And 3 styles pattern These “nailators” are items you need to buy right away in your wardrobe because they are not only beautiful but also do not worry about being out of fashion.

By: Graziadaily, InStyle

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