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Fear of the fiancée’s past

I decided to pursue when I felt that she was gentle, kind and introverted. After almost a year, we are about to go home together.

My sister and I met each other online, living 20 minutes apart by motorbike. I am a simple person, a bit fastidious, fastidious, introverted, love my family wholeheartedly. From the time I was born until now, I have never made a mistake, quite rationally speaking. I’ve always kept my virginity for my future wife, if a girl wants to cross the fence with me, I’ll run. I’m not a drinker, I’m not a gamer, I’m not a smoker. I used to think that I would know a simple girl, living a closed life, I would always like to meet her.

Now I understand that she has an open lifestyle, can drink alcohol like “single boy and girl” until 12 o’clock at night. Before, I had a relationship for more than four years, and I crossed the limit five or six times. I tried to ignore this and decided to confess to her. I have a lot of friends, working as a guide, so in the past, I also knew a few foreigners, people pushed me and I went out together. Although she didn’t say it, I knew it because I accidentally saw her confiding in her friends through text messages. You seem to be valuable to your close friends when you get a lot of attention. I claim to be immortal, I drink alcohol and don’t get drunk. I have a complicated past. Recently, when I was living with my brother, I found out.

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After more than a month of officially dating, we have crossed the line. Later, I half jokingly said: “Why did you tempt me to go over the limit”? She said she wanted to try and see if we could get along, see if I had any problems. I’m a daredevil, so I know I have to marry you. I have no regrets, it is a responsibility and also love. I was mentally prepared. We’ll be getting married in almost two months. What I wonder and worry about is whether you have a “horse getting used to the old way”? What should I do, can I change you? I love you very much, now you are gentle and treat me very well. Thinking of the text messages I sent to your friends the other day, I was so scared and shy. I fear your past.


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