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From the burning house 5 people died warning of ‘weakness’ of the old tube house and collective

The fire occurred at dawn on April 21, at the house next to B9 Kim Lien dormitory area (alley 65 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da, Hanoi), initially, the house had 2 floors, 1 tum, The total area is about 65m2, there is an emergency exit on the tum (the first floor is about 33m2, the second floor is about 20m2, the third floor is about 10m2).

According to Dong Da District People’s Committee, although the fire was not large, the fire department was present in time and extinguished it early, but due to the small tube house, there was no heat outlet, causing high temperature and rapid smoke.

hien truong xay ra vu chay tai can nha canh khu tap the b9 kim lien khien 5 nguoi chet 2 nguoi bi thuong anh dinh hieu 20a10894b9d24c71adb884073059b513
The scene of a fire at the house next to the B9 Kim Lien dormitory, causing 5 deaths and 2 injuries (Photo: Dinh Hieu)

In fact, there have been many fires in townhouses and tube houses. About 1 year ago, also in Dong Da district, there was a fire at house number 311 Ton Duc Thang, a tubular house, 3 floors, 1 tum, with a welded iron roof, floor area. Each floor is about 60m2, the facade is about 3.2m wide, the only entrance to the house is the main door. The house is used by the family to trade in newborn products (diapers, milk…). The items are stacked on the shelves and cabinets located on the 1st floor. The 2nd, 3rd and attic floors also store goods and are the living space of the family.

Raise the problem of escape in tube Houseconstruction experts said that it is true that pipe houses can limit escape, but if properly invested with a fire alarm and automatic fire fighting system, the tube house is still safe.

Recorded at B9 Kim Lien collective area, a serious fire occurred early this morning, almost all households here have expanded their area to use, interlaced with “tiger cages”. There are “tiger cages” racing out for many meters, causing unsafety in the event of fire and explosion.

Seeing from the current reality, not only in the B9 Kim Lien apartment complex, but also in many old apartments and individual houses with many extended families, building such a “tiger cage” is considered to be locked in danger. in a sealed iron cage. Meanwhile, according to experts in principle, the designer never designs like that, but the user transforms himself.

khu vuc xay ra hoa hoan tai khu tap the cu b8 va b9 kim lien tinh trang xay dung coi noi chang chit chuong cop anh dinh hieu cb25dfd579074884bd01f08a14214cba
The area where the fire broke out at the old dormitory area B8 and B9 Kim Lien, the state of construction was extensive and interlaced with “tiger cages” (Photo: Dinh Hieu)

According to architect Pham Thanh Tung, Chief of Office of the Vietnam Association of Architects, it is necessary to look at it objectively. Can’t just blame the tube house design. Regarding the design of the tube house, the old city must accept it, but the problem here is to adapt and deal with reality. In particular, the balcony does not make a tiger cage, both violating the construction order, losing urban beauty and unsafe.

In the fire of the house next to the B9 Kim Lien apartment complex, Mr. Tung said that it was necessary to clarify that the burnt apartment had a bad condition. illegal construction or not?

In addition, the Chief of Office of the Vietnam Association of Architects raised the situation that the land areas that are not adjacent to the old dormitory areas have been encroached on and illegally built by people. This is the reality of many old apartment buildings in Hanoi.

“For such a situation to occur, the responsibility of the management agencies from the ward, district, department and city levels… looses management. Need to clarify whether the burnt apartment has illegal construction or not? If there is a need to clarify the responsibilities of the area management staff in terms of construction to strictly handle it,” said Mr. Tung.

The unsafe situation in the dormitories built in the last century is not mentioned until now. Accompanying the deterioration of the structure are the problems of expansion, making tiger cages mentioned with the status of “backpacking house, anti-slipping”, unsafe fire and explosion… especially in terms of food. Existing very popular economy is the “tiger cage”.

Architect Dao Ngoc Nghiem, former director of the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture, said that according to the original design of the dormitory in Hanoi, the safety factor was taken into account. However, in the process of use, safety issues, escape when there is an incident are not paid due attention. At the same time, the awareness of maintaining fire safety of a part of the population is not high, so there has been an unintentional accident.

According to architect Dao Ngoc Nghiem, for many years, the problem renovate rebuild The old apartment building was put in place but not much has been done so far. The causes are many such as lack of resources, mechanism of agreement to support relocation compensation, planning… Over the past few years, the Ministry of Construction, Hanoi City and many agencies have been actively promoting renovation. Old apartment building in Hanoi. However, there are still many problems to be solved, especially the issue of compensation for relocation.

“The fire that killed five people at B9 Kim Lien’s dormitory is another alarm bell about the safety of old and degraded housing projects in the inner city in general and the dormitory in particular,” Nghiem said.

According to architect Pham Thanh Tung, it is necessary to act aggressively with the problem of expanding the construction of tiger cages. To avoid this situation, the law must be strict, violation is to be demolished. Such a place does not burn, it also loses its safety and collapses.

“People living in old apartment buildings first need to check their own apartments, actively eliminate unsafety risks, pay attention to fire safety issues, create escape route when there is an incident. It is necessary to take the initiative in planning and escape skills to protect yourself and your family,” said Mr. Tung.

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House fire next to B9 Kim Lien dormitory at dawn, 5 people diedIn the early morning of April 21, a fire broke out in a house next to B9 Kim Lien dormitory (alley 65 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da, Hanoi), resulting in 5 deaths and 2 injuries.
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