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Gasoline price increased by nearly 700 VND/liter

The Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance has just announced to adjust the domestic retail price of petrol and oil in the direction of increasing all commodities.

Gasoline price increased by nearly 700 VND/liter - 1

Petrol and oil prices simultaneously increased from 3pm this afternoon on April 21.

Accordingly, E5 RON92 gasoline costs 27,134 VND/liter, an increase of 663 VND/liter compared to the current one; RON95 gasoline is 27,992 VND/liter, an increase of 675 VND/liter.

The price of diesel oil is not higher than 25,359 VND/liter, an increase of 979 VND/liter. Kerosene is not higher than 23,828 VND/liter, an increase of 801 VND/liter. Fuel oil is not higher than 21,800 VND/kg, an increase of 871 compared to the current retail price.

The adjustment of retail gasoline prices is due to the increasing trend of gasoline prices on the world market in the last 10 days.

In this period, the operating agency set aside the BOG Fund for E5 RON92 products at 400 VND/liter (previous period set aside 550 VND/liter) and RON95 at 500 VND/liter (previous period set aside 650 VND). /liter), diesel oil at 100 VND/liter, kerosene at 100 VND/liter and fuel oil is not extracted.

At the same time, the BOG Fund is spent on fuel oil products at 250 VND/kg, not spent on other petroleum products.

On April 12, the price of E5 RON92 gasoline decreased by 838 VND/liter, sold 26,471 VND/liter; RON95 gasoline decreased by 836 VND/liter, sold at no higher than 27,317 VND/liter.

Meanwhile, diesel oil decreased by 700 VND/liter; kerosene fell by 737 dong/liter and fuel oil price remained unchanged.

Businesses are worried because the price of petrol is too high

Before the price of gasoline has increased too high in the past time, sharing with VTC News, Mr. Do Van Bang, Director of Minh Thanh Phat Co., Ltd., which owns the Sao Viet transport brand, pressure on gasoline prices to increase. continuously since the end of last year and without stopping is making his business “out of breath”.

With the transportation industry, petroleum accounts for about 35-40% of total input costs on average, so the increase in oil prices has not stopped since the end of last year, causing businesses to suffer heavy losses. While the rate increase, even if it is taken into account, cannot be done due to the small number of visitors.

“The car was lying on the mat for a long time because of the epidemic. Now, as soon as it comes back to work, the price of gasoline continues to rise. While the guests, there are days and days that do not, mainly run in moderation to keep the route. If the price of gasoline is not reduced, it will be difficult for businesses to hold out for long. Not 500 or 1,000 dong, but should stop collecting environmental protection tax, when the business is healthy, then calculate again. Mr. Bang said.

Still according to Mr. Bang, not only the environmental protection tax, the executive agency should also calculate to reduce other taxes to reduce gasoline prices.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. To Quang Hoc, Director of Phiet Hoc Co., Ltd., said that the high price of petrol has had a strong impact on transportation activities in general and the company’s business situation in particular. For many months now, passenger transport of the garage has been continuously losing money.

“Transportation enterprises have just “died” because of the prolonged epidemic. Now, if the price of gasoline and oil increases, the business will die. Reducing environmental protection tax with only 500-1,000 VND will not solve anything.” Mr. Hoc commented.

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