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Hire a detective to steal personal information and appropriate tens of billions of dong

Track down a crime

Talking to PV Tien Phong about the case “Using computer networks and telecommunications networks to appropriate property” led by Le Thi Phi Nga (SN 1971, has 1 criminal record, resides in Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi) Senior Colonel Nguyen Huu Binh – Head of the Investigation Department of Construction Personal Infringement (Department 7), Department of Criminal Procedure, assessed that this is a new method and trick of criminal activities. Taking advantage of loopholes in the security of customer information of banks and carriers as well as regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control must wear masks to commit crimes.

“At this time, banks and carriers cannot strictly control the identification of customers coming to the transaction. Therefore, subjects can easily use fake IDs and CCCDs to open accounts or withdraw money in the account,” said Colonel Binh.

Returning to the investigation of the case, Colonel Binh said that many months ago, the CSHS Department received reports from a number of banks in the South that some customers had lost money in their accounts for unknown reasons. do.

When setting up the investigation project, Lieutenant General Tran Ngoc Ha – Director of the Department of Criminal Procedure closely directed and requested the special case committee to catch the suspects and clarify the case as soon as possible.

In mid-January 2022, the project committee determined, a woman went to a bank transaction office on Nguyen Phong Sac Street (Cau Giay, Hanoi) to ask to withdraw a large amount of money, with many suspicious expressions. Immediately, the officers of the project committee were present and identified this person as Tran Thuy Anh (SN 1993, residing in Cau Giay, Hanoi) using fake ID card, temporarily seizing the amount of 800 million VND.

Applying professional measures, the investigating agency temporarily detained two subjects accompanying Thuy Anh, namely Le Thi Phi Nga (born in 1971, residing in Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi) and Nguyen Trung Kien (born in 1981, residing in the West). Ho, Hanoi).

Expanding the case, 3 other subjects in this line were arrested: Tran Quoc Cuong (SN 1995, residing in Vu Thu, Thai Binh), Ngo Thi Ngoc Lan (SN 1994, residing in Hoai Duc, Hanoi) and Le Thi Lien Huong (born 1972, residing in Long Bien, Hanoi).

Hire a detective to steal personal information to appropriate tens of billions of dong - Photo 1.

The target group of Russia, Lan, and Kien (from left to right). Photo provided by the police.

Hire a detective to get personal information

During the investigation process and the testimonies of the subjects, this line has a tight assignment of tasks among its members. Specifically, Nga, Huong, and Kien are responsible for finding and collecting account numbers on football betting sites, lotteries, games… and then providing them to Lan.

“This group finds and hires detective agencies on social networks for 2.5-3 million dong/1 profile to investigate and provide account information such as ID card, CCCD, signature sample, and phone number. phone use internet banking service to fake ID card, CCCD “- Colonel Binh said.

On the other hand, Russia also colluded with Lan through relationships at the bank to get account information and samples of customers’ signatures for signature.

After that, Thuy Anh and Cuong had the duty to bring fake IDs and CCCDs to the telecommunications agent to report the loss of the phone sim and make a new number similar to the one the account holder was using.

Once they have the documents and the phone number of the owner, this group will go directly to the bank’s transaction office or through the bank’s app (app) to report the loss of the password, re-issue the OTP code to take the right to use the login account. internet banking. Next, Nga, Huong, and Kien directed Thuy Anh and Cuong to go directly to the transaction office to withdraw money to share.

According to Colonel Binh, the tricks of this group are very sophisticated, the subjects will directly execute the withdrawal orders at the transaction office, if not, they will switch to withdraw money on the app through the fake accounts previously set up. avoid detection. Specifically, these subjects withdrew 1.9 billion VND at the transaction office in Chuong My (Hanoi) and then divided among themselves.

Talking more about the case, Colonel Binh said, the subjects mainly forged 9-digit ID cards. When the bank staff asked for photos of the subjects, they said that the photos were taken a long time ago, so they were different from the present and that they wore masks so they could easily commit crimes.

Up to now, the investigating agency has collected more than 1 billion dong, distraint 1 apartment of the Russian object… and expand the investigation to clarify the relationship of Lan object to get sample signatures of customers.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Binh suggested that it be propagated and disseminated so that people would be wary, not to rent, sell or use fake accounts to assist criminals. Along with that, banks and carriers must strengthen the security of customer information, prevent the opening of accounts with fake documents…

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