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Hoa Minzy “flipped” the ball but immediately encountered a “soul” incident because she almost fell

Recently, Hoa Minzy was present at the intimate celebration of the wedding of the player Ho Tan Tai. As one of the guest artists, it is indispensable for Hoa Minzy to stand on the stage to celebrate the wedding.

Recently, the clip recorded the moment when the female singer danced to support Tan Tre with the song I Love You So Much being shared by the network community on social networks.

Clip Hoa Minzy and Tan Tre at Ho Tan Tai’s wedding

In the clip, the guy Tan Tre performed a new song called I Love You So Much and was danced by Hoa Minzy very well. However, while dancing enthusiastically, Hoa Minzy lost her balance and almost fell in front of people’s tables. Although she was lucky to be caught up by Tan Tri, the singer’s expression full of soul was quickly recorded and made fans excited.

Hoa Minzy and Tan Tri perform together at Ho Tan Tai’s wedding

Both of them dance all the way on stage

Hoa Minzy almost fell down causing her to have a funny expression

Before that, also at Ho Tan Tai’s wedding, when he got a girl “transmitting luck” by giving the female singer a wedding bouquetHoa Minzy shared: “In this life, everyone wants to be happy, I also hope everyone here is happy. I hope whoever receives this bouquet will also get married, if you give it to me, I will also get married. Hope happiness will come to you and everyone.”

Clip: Hoa Minzy dances enthusiastically at defender Ho Tan Tai's wedding but immediately encounters a problem!  - Photo 5.

Hoa Minzy wishes happiness for herself and everyone

Clip and Photo: Compilation chn

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