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How does sleeping position affect your health?

Sleep brings many benefits to the body, especially the immune system. In particular, lying position plays a huge role in the quality of sleep. If you wake up tired and sore, it’s time to change your sleeping position.

Fetal pose

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Curled up like a fetus is a popular sleeping position and there are reasons why you should adopt it. This way of sleeping is not only comfortable but also helps relieve back pain, very good for pregnant women, reducing snoring. However, make sure the pose is relaxing enough to avoid the risk of soreness the next morning.

Lie on the side

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This is the same position as the fetal position, but the legs are not drawn towards the chest. This way of sleeping helps reduce snoring, avoid heartburn and is very good for digestion.

However, the above posture has some disadvantages you need to be aware of. You may have shoulder pain, tightness in one side of your jaw. You should choose to sleep on your left side, because sleeping on the right can increase heartburn and acid reflux.

If you suffer from lower back pain, a pillow is a good choice for you. Your hips will be better aligned, thus reducing pain in the lower back.

Lay up

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The supine position has many benefits for health Because of protecting the spine, relieve hip and knee pain. This way of sleeping reduces unnecessary pressure on your back and joints. For additional health benefits, add a pillow behind to support the natural curve of your back.

Of course, there are also some potential downsides to that sleeping position, especially for people who snore or have sleep apnea, who suffer from back pain.

Lie on your stomach

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This is not a beneficial sleeping position. While it can reduce snoring and help people with sleep apnea, sleeping on your stomach can cause back and neck pain. You risk waking up with aches and pains due to joint strain.

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