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How is the health of the 2 survivors of the fire at Kim Lien?

April 21, 2022 16:11 GMT+7

On the afternoon of April 21, Saint Paul General Hospital said that two patients being treated at the hospital in the fire at Kim Lien were likely to recover quite well.

The fire occurred at dawn on April 20, at Mrs. Doan Thi Manh’s house at 116 B9 Kim Lien, lane 65 Pham Ngoc Thach (adjacent to B9 Kim Lien collective house), Dong Da district, Hanoi city.

Of the 7 victims, 4 died at the scene, 1 died on the way to the hospital and 2 were being treated at Saint Paul General Hospital.

After receiving the patient, the leader of Saint Paul Hospital promptly directed the emergency work and treatment for the patient.

Right this morning, hospital leaders visited and encouraged the family. To share with the victim’s family, the hospital’s full support for the treatment costs of 2 patients of the fire.

How is the health of the 2 survivors of the fire at Kim Lien?
The baby who survived the fire soberly recounts the terrifying moment

Sharing with reporters, the boy who was lucky to escape death said that he was sleeping when he suddenly woke up with a burning smell.

At this time, downstairs, the child heard the fire siren clearly and saw his father standing outside the door of the room. He saw him and his grandmother downstairs on the first floor. He told her to go upstairs to avoid the smoke, but she couldn’t get up in time. Everyone then also ran upstairs, but the smoke was heavy and the stairs were hot so no one could go up. Father and son, the two of them went first, jumping over the neighbor’s house in time.

Ths. Dr. Nguyen Nam Giang, School of Burns, Saint Paul Hospital, said that the baby was awake and did not show signs of asphyxiation and respiratory burns. Fortunately, he only suffered 2% burns on his right hand.

For the baby’s father, it is more severe, currently being closely monitored by doctors.

“Through examination, it was determined that the patient suffered from first, second, and third degree burns of 16%, in the face, chest, arms and legs.

Respiratory burn is determined to have burning nose hair, eyelids. The patient is likely to have CO poisoning”, Ths. Dr. Nguyen Nam Giang said.

Currently, the patient is being actively resuscitated, anti-shock and anti-infection, dressing change treatment, daily patient monitoring. Based on the progress of the wound and the test results, the doctor will adjust the medicine accordingly.

As of this afternoon, the burn department doctors at Saint Paul Hospital said the patient’s ability to recover was quite satisfactory.

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