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How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the “dry-wet” cycle is not known to everyone

Beginning in the summer, rising temperatures are often a threat to many treesespecially those trees planted on the balcony.

A lot of trees The morning is beautiful, but after a day of hot sun, the leaves are drooping, the flowers are wilted, very disoriented. Everyone planted trees They are all worried that the plants will suffer from drought and excessive heat, so they regularly water the plants to make sure trees always fresh.

But watering a lot for trees not a good thing. The watering of flowers and trees In the summer heat is also very important to pay attention. If the watering method is wrong, then trees difficult to develop.

A lot of trees It is well cared for but easily wilts in the summer. Job trees wilting in the summer could be the reason you watered indiscriminately without paying attention to the environment and growing needs of each species. trees.

Here are some watering methods trees in the right summer, guaranteed trees enough water and develop most brilliantly.

A lot of trees will go into short-term hibernation when the temperature is up to 30 degrees Celsius. Specifically, cacti, crab orchids… will hibernate for a short time when the temperature is high in the summer.

How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the

Trees The cactus will hibernate when the temperature is higher than 30 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to water at this time

When trees When this plant goes into hibernation, the growth rate will slow down significantly, even many plants will stop growing.

Now basically trees has no need to absorb nutrients, nor does it need water. Therefore, at this time, no matter how much water you water or fertilize, the plant will not be able to absorb it.

If you water a lot at this time but the plant doesn’t need water, the water will stay at the bottom of the pot and rot the roots. Thus, you have kindness, take care of trees but it turns out to be harmful to the tree.

How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the

Want to water? trees In the summer, it is necessary to depend on each tree for water supply

Many of you see that the temperature is high and keep focusing on watering bonsai, but in the end, the tree has yellow leaves and rotten roots! That’s because you watered the wrong plants.

Similarly, in winter, there are also some ornamental plants that hibernate when the temperature is cold. At this time, if you water the plants, fertilize them, they will not absorb it, but also cause root rot and root burn.

Moreover, in winter, the amount of water evaporates decreases, so if you maintain the daily watering, it is easy to put a burden on the roots of the bonsai.

2. Humid-loving bonsai can be watered more in the summer.

Many types of ornamental plants are not only suitable for hydroponics but also suitable for soil cultivation. These ornamental plants have a very high demand for water in the summer such as betel nut, gerbera, mini lotus…

How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the

Some ornamental plants need a lot of water in the summer

These ornamental plants absorb water in the summer much higher than other ornamental plants. In addition, in the summer, water evaporates quickly so you need to water them in the evening and early morning, when the temperature of the day is relatively low.

Pay attention not to water the bonsai when the temperature is high. Because when watering at this temperature, the water on the surface of the leaves will be drained quickly, even the water is heated, causing the leaves to be soaked in hot water and wilt.

Especially for the leaves and stems of some slender ornamental plants, if watered when the temperature is high, their leaves and stems will soften when the water evaporates at high temperature. Therefore, you should water your plants when the temperature of the day is low, in the early morning or in the evening.

3. Bonsai placed outside on the balcony, airy terrace can water more

In the city, most people will grow bonsai on the balcony or on the windowsill, some wealthy people with a terrace will plant on the terrace.

How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the

Whether bonsai on the balcony or terrace should be watered in the morning or late afternoon in summer

Placing bonsai on the balcony in the summer will be quite hot, the rate of water evaporation is fast. Therefore, you should water more. However, if the balcony is closed like in a house, the amount of water is only moderate like indoor plants. Watering even in the summer must be based on the water needs of the bonsai.

4. How to know indoor plants need water?

So how to know if a potted plant should be watered or not? There are two methods of judgment: one is to look at the potting soil, the other is to see the leaves and buds.

How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the

Plug in chopsticks or dig into a 4-5cm bonsai pot, only dry soil needs to be watered

However, just because the surface of the potting is dry does not mean that the inside of the soil is dry and the plant needs water. Some experienced people just pick up the bonsai, estimate the weight to know if the bonsai needs water or not.

Heavy pots need no water and light ones need water. However, this method is difficult to estimate for bonsai growers.

There is an easier way is to stick your finger in a pot of soil about 4-5cm, if the soil is still dry, you need to water it, if it’s wet, you don’t need it. Or you plug a chopstick down 1/3 of the height of the pot, when pulled out, dry chopsticks are watered, wet chopsticks do not need to be watered.

In addition, you can view the buds and leaves of bonsai. Many ornamental plants have the ability to store water, when the potting soil lacks water, the bonsai will not be able to grow and outwardly the leaves and buds will wilt and droop. At this point you need to water immediately and water thoroughly.

4. Why wait until the potting soil is really dry before watering the bonsai?

Many people will wonder why you have to wait for the potting soil to dry before watering, but not at the “just right” time. Too much water supply for bonsai is not beneficial for the growth of bonsai.

How to water ornamental plants in the summer, the meaning of the

Wait for the soil to dry before watering to stimulate the growth of bonsai roots

Although the bonsai has good drainage, there is no need to worry about standing water in the root ball, causing root rot, but if the bonsai has enough water, the roots do not need to grow to find water. They will become lazy. The roots do not have to grow, the bonsai will not have an excess of nutrients to produce new leaves, buds and flowers.

Therefore, waiting for the potting soil to run out of water will stimulate the roots to grow to find water and produce new leaves, new buds, and new flowers. That is the purpose of waiting for the potting soil to dry completely before watering. The main purpose is to evaporate all the water vapor to stimulate root development, provide more nutrients for the plant to grow leaves and flowers.

Thus, when growing bonsai, for watering plants, we not only have to keep the roots very well but also keep the leaves.

One of the best ways to water is to water according to the dry – wet cycle, so the roots and leaves are always in the best state of growth, of course, more flowers are also produced.

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