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I accidentally overheard what my sister-in-law said to my friends and I got angry

My husband’s family has two brothers, the oldest of them is rich, and often organizes a large dinner party. And my wife and I are poor, just people free trade. My husband sometimes works to hire people, so every time we have a party at home, he calls my family to come work.

Last Saturday, my sister-in-law called my husband and I to ask the whole family to come over for a meal, she also told us to come over early to make a meal, because we made 5 trays.

Every time, while my family was busy in the kitchen, my husband and I were busy receiving guests, and the children were glued to their phones and computers. After each meal, what is received is the leftovers that people can’t finish. My family is rich, so all delicious food, with those foods, my family eats for a whole month.

After my husband finished the meal, he sat down to talk with his friends. I also keep the kitchen clean and tidy. When I couldn’t find water to clean the kitchen floor, I went to my sister-in-law’s room to ask. Suddenly I heard people talking about my family.

Sister-in-law sighed and said: “My husband and I don’t have will advance, was brought in by us many times to work in the company for leisure, but could not stand it and had to quit. Sister-in-law is like an idiot, she’s so docile, she just doesn’t do it.”.

After saying that, a few people burst into laughter, while I stood outside blushing. I walked in, angrily took off my apron and threw it at my sister-in-law and said she was too much. My wife and I had to quit our jobs to help our brothers and sisters make dinner, but she pulled my family out to laugh.

Immediately after that, I ran to pull my husband into a corner and repeated the words of my sister-in-law to him. The husband does not want the brotherhood to be broken because of the woman story so he refused to go home with his wife. So I dragged my two children back to confront my sister-in-law.

In the days that followed, my husband blamed me for having nothing to make a fuss about, causing the couple to lose face with the guests. He forced me to apologize and make peace with my sister-in-law first. I didn’t listen, so my husband’s face was scowling every day, making noise in the house when he touched everything. I really don’t know what to do guys?

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