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If you have IELTS 4.0, you will be exempted from the foreign language exam

Candidates with IELTS 4.0 or TOEFL iBT 45 points are exempted from the foreign language test for high school graduation recognition.

Like every year, in order to be considered for recognition of high school graduation, candidates this year have to take three independent tests including Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages ​​and two combined tests of Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Social Sciences (History, Geography, Citizenship for candidates in a general education program; or History, Geography for a continuing education program).

For Foreign Languages, students can choose one of seven languages ​​including English, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese and Korean. According to the guidelines for organizing the 2022 high school graduation exam, which language to register for is a matter of personal choice, which may differ from the subjects studied in high school.

Similar to the previous year, candidates who are members of the national team participating in the International Olympic Games in Foreign Languages ​​or have valid foreign language certificates that are valid until at least July 6 will be exempted from the Foreign Language exam. language in the recognition of high school graduation.

The following foreign language certificates are recognized:

If you have IELTS 4.0, you will be exempted from the foreign language exam

Having IELTS 4.0 is exempted from foreign language graduation exam - 1

Currently, international English certificates are the most popular and most owned by students. When preparing for these types of certificates, the scores achieved by candidates are often higher than 4.0 IELTS, 45 TOEFL iBT or 450 TOEFL IPT scores as specified above.

Having an international foreign language certificate with a high score also helps students have more chances of university admission because many schools have a method of combining high school graduation exam scores with foreign language certificates for admission, in which, points in the certificate are usually converted into foreign language scores in the combination containing this subject. For example, with the Academy of Finance, candidates with IELTS 5.5 are converted to 9.5 points in English, 6.0 and above are converted to 10.

However, even though they have an international foreign language certificate and are exempted from taking this exam to consider high school graduation, most candidates still choose to take the test to increase their chances of being admitted to university. Because in addition to considering the combination of test scores and certificates, most universities consider admissions based entirely on high school graduation exam scores and consider this as the main method.

High School Graduation Exam The year 2022 takes place in two days 7-8/7 nationwide with about 900,000 to one million candidates taking the exam.

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