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In the first quarter, Agribank spent more than 120 billion VND for social security work

Implementing the policy of reducing operating costs, devoting resources to the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic and reducing loan interest rates to support customers to overcome difficulties caused by the pandemic, despite the specific service customers in rural and remote areas, but with its own efforts, in 2021, Agribank will minimize operating costs and spend resources to share with the community.

According to data published by the State Bank of Vietnam, Agribank is the leading bank in terms of reducing interest rates to support customers with a total reduced interest rate of VND 5,512 billion, a loan balance with interest rate reduction of nearly 1 billion VND. 4 million billion VND for nearly 3.5 million customers.

Along with that, the bank has actively waived and reduced service fees and loan interest rates, implemented preferential credit programs with interest rates of 300,000 billion VND and 300 million USD. If including 700 billion dong of interest reduction of preferential interest rate lending programs and 902 billion dong of reduction due to the application of fee exemption and reduction policy, in 2021, Agribank has spent about 7,100 billion dong of profit to support customers.

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Right in the first quarter, Agribank continued to spend VND 30,000 billion to implement a preferential credit program for large corporate customers, with an interest rate of only 4.0%/year. These solutions are considered by experts as “lever” to remove difficulties, promote production and business activities of people and businesses, thereby contributing to controlling inflation and maintaining economic stability. macro, support economic growth.

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Being aware of the role and social responsibility of businesses, in 2021, the whole Agribank system has supported more than 500 billion VND for social security work throughout the country. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Agribank has implemented many activities to join hands with the community to cope with the epidemic and adapt to the new normal. Support the vaccine fund and epidemic prevention and control, join hands to support the consumption of agricultural products, a stall of 0 dong, million bags of security, rice ATMs, and gratitude ATMs in the heart of the epidemic, which were launched and widely deployed by Agribank. spreading the spirit and culture of sharing of Agribank people with the community.

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Responding to the Government’s launch with the program “Waves and computers for children”, for two consecutive years, Agribank implemented a program to donate bookcases and learning equipment “More words, less poverty” at 60 locations. localities nationwide with a budget of nearly 10 billion VND, was highly appreciated by the local government and social community for the meaning and humanity of the program.

The brand image of “Agribank – Bank for the community” is affirmed through many social security activities, focusing on the fields of health, education, building houses of gratitude, houses of great solidarity… Expected in 2022 , Agribank continues to spend about 600 billion VND to implement social security activities, share with the community, spread Agribank’s imprint to all regions of the country, to remote areas, border and islands.


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