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Instagram ‘begs’ users not to repost videos from TikTok

Instagram says content pulled from other video platforms and reposted is discouraged.

“If you create something from scratch, you will receive more priority than sharing what you find from others,” the head Instagram Adam Mosseri wrote on Twitter on April 20. “We will be making more adjustments to value original content more, especially when compared to reposted content. This will be accelerated in the future.”

According to him, Instagram users are posting a lot of content taken from other short video platforms, especially TikTok. “Please, please stop posting TikTok videos on Reels even if you like it. We’re begging you,” Mosseri said.

Reels short video feature on Instagram.  Photo: Instagram

Reels short video feature on Instagram. Image: Instagram

Meta company is redirecting, turning Facebook and Instagram into a platform to attract content creators, instead of just a tool for people to connect with friends as before.

Reels are seen as central to this effort. This short video sharing feature has been rolling out on Instagram since August 2020 and was available on Facebook earlier this year. Reels is considered Meta’s answer to the growth of TikTok.

Similar to TikTok, Reels allows users to insert music, images and effects into short videos with a duration of less than 60 seconds. Unlike the competition, Meta has begun testing allowing users to monetize these videos. Reels content is now converted back and forth between Facebook and Instagram, allowing Facebook users to view videos posted on Instagram and vice versa.

While prioritizing creative content, Mosseri admits it’s difficult to determine what’s original and what’s video that’s been sourced and edited on other platforms. “Identification will become a big problem if accounts try to get content elsewhere to synthesize into new videos. We won’t appreciate them, though, and will have ways to limit it. Otherwise, that’s not good. This is bad for creators in the short term and bad for Instagram in the long run,” Mosseri added.

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