Living in the world, there are 3 kinds of words that should never be thought of as true, otherwise only you will suffer

In today’s era, being good at speaking is an indispensable skill when going out to do business. Speaking is a communication skill, the better a person is at speaking, the smoother his career will be. But in fact, in life, we not only need to be good at speaking but also good at listening and understanding. That is, you have to distinguish what is true and what is just a facade. If you are bad at this then you will become a fool in the eyes of others without even knowing it. Here are 3 types of statements you should never believe to be true, otherwise you will suffer a great loss!

1. Words when “alcohol” do not believe are true

Alcohol is an indispensable thing when people communicate with each other or gather with relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. However, it is very difficult to determine how much of what is said on the drinking table is true.

There is a saying: “Meet a soulmate with a thousand cups of food, you disagree with the religion more than half a sentence.” But in fact, when you are drinking, even if everyone seems to be talking very well together, very enthusiastic, you do not easily believe it to be true.

On the drinking table, everyone took turns toasting glasses, drank a few more cups, their faces were red, in the warm atmosphere at that time, everyone laughed and talked happily. At this moment, do you suddenly feel that you and the people around you have suddenly become so close?! Your intuition is right, it’s all fake. Because the words on the drinking table are often uttered with many hidden purposes behind.

Living in the world, there are 3 types of words that should never be thought of as true, otherwise only you will suffer - Photo 1.

Since each person has their own goals, they tend to want to borrow alcohol as a catalyst to help their intentions go more smoothly. Therefore, you’re better off just being an audience, watching people around you perform is fine. If the words go into the left ear, just let it flow directly into the right ear, don’t pay too much attention or trust the words. any.

2. Flattery don’t believe it’s true

In life, there will always be some people who are very good at flattering others. This type of person is very attentive to the way they talk, they are so good at praising others that they can’t say anything back. In fact, if you don’t take the initiative to wake yourself up, I’m sure even if you know it’s flattery, you can’t help but feel a little bit of joy in your heart.

However, you need to be alert, do not attach too much importance to flattery, if you are negligent, you will lose immediately. After all, no one flatters others for no reason, they must have their own goals, and sadly it often involves their own self-interest.

As there is a saying: “Suddenly treated with kindness, if not a crook, it is also a band of thieves.” If a person suddenly flatters you, he must have his own intentions, and those intentions can be detrimental to you. Flattery is like sugar-coated artillery bullets, if you are accidentally caught, you will be crushed.

Living in the world, there are 3 types of words that should never be thought of as true, otherwise only you will suffer - Photo 2.

3. Clichés don’t believe it’s true

Many foreigners who do not understand Asian culture are surprised and confused by the way most of us talk, because Asians love to speak politely. There are times when Asians themselves will carelessly believe those words to be true, and end up embarrassing themselves to the point of wanting to find a hole to hide in.

Asians are very good at speaking politely, they can say it right away without having to prepare a sample text in their head. For example: “Let’s go to a cafe sometime”, “I think it suits you, if there’s anything, just ask me for help”, etc. But until you believe it’s true and say, “I’d better go to a coffee shop today.” today, I’m free today”, then they will definitely refuse, “sorry, I’m busy today, another day”. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

These clichés seem to warm people’s hearts, but in fact, they are just random words, when people say they don’t pay much attention. Over time, it has become an unwritten rule, that it is just a courtesy, absolutely do not believe it to be true.

So, if you take it too seriously, you may embarrass the speaker and embarrass yourself. Others, although they don’t say anything and laugh on the surface, but in their hearts will sigh: “This person is so stupid, even believe that? It’s so annoying!”

To avoid awkwardness in social situations that lead to obstacles in all areas of life, when learning to speak, we also need to learn how to listen to understand the true intentions of the speaker. chi-coban-20220408235340232.chn

Tran Anh

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