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Mr. Park: ‘Vietnam U.23 is not weak in handling the ball’

Exactly as stated by YouthMr. Park will not test a new factor in the friendly second leg against South Korea U.20 on April 22, but will use the lineup that is seen as a measure for sea ​​Games thirty first.

Pre-match press conference this afternoon, Coach Park Hang-seo affirmed: “The first leg match at Phu Tho a few days ago was an opportunity for me and the coaching staff to check and evaluate new players. In the rematch, I will use all 3 overage players including Hung Dung, Royal virtue, Tien Linh to draw a lot of experience for the upcoming journey”.

Mr. Park: 'Vietnam U.23 is not weak in handling the ball' - photo 1

Hung Dung, Hoang Duc, Tien Linh will play on April 22

Hoang Quan

When asked which scheme Vietnam U.23 will use as the main one, Mr. Park immediately said: “Actually, the lineup doesn’t matter, 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 is just a number. We have 2 options about the scheme and importantly how to have measures and countermeasures to deal with the enemy. If kick 2 striker then how they have to coordinate with each other, how the players on the field perform the task is important. In short, we have two tactical schemes to choose from.”

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U.23 Vietnam in the first leg draw with Korea U.20


Mr. Park also shared more about personnel Vietnam U.23 team: “The defense system currently has central defenders who have played for the national team such as Thanh Binh (played to the left) and Viet Anh. We have both Lieu Quang Vinh left kick but unfortunately he got injured in Dubai International Cup. At this tournament in the UAE, U.23 Vietnam tested Quang Thinh but he was also injured. Besides Tuan Tai He played the position of left-back but used to play as a left-back centre-back. Anyway looking for the best combination.

Korean young players are very smart


In terms of attack, we have 2 players who are too old, midfielder Hung Dung and striker Tien Linh. Besides Tien Linh, we also Xuan Tu, Explain, or Hoang Duc can also kick the striker. We have many options, it is important to take time to combine the squad. The first leg against Korea U.20, we start from a set situation. It can be explained by lack of experience.

Team U.23 Vietnam assigns very clear tasks to the attack or defense system. Thanh Binh, Viet Anh can grasp the situation but the first leg does not kick. Some of the new players we have also trained to deal with fixed situations but are not familiar with. Players Peace, Tien Linh tall, the goalkeeper has a physical advantage, so I see that we are not weak in handling the ball.”

Captain heroic emphasized: “After the match in Viet Tri Stadium, the whole team has learned from experience to have a better second leg at Hang Day Stadium. Any player of U.23 Vietnam who has not played will have the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming SEA Games.”

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