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MU has enough patience with coach Erik ten Hag?

0-4 defeat of Manchester United (MU) before Liverpool signaled the not-so-smooth revolution of coach Erik ten Hag next summer.

“Angry, disgusted and humiliated” are the words of coach Ralf Rangnick describing MU’s face-to-face defeat against Liverpool this morning on April 20 (Vietnam time).

The German military leader has only worked at Old Trafford for 4 months, but he also understands the disappointment of MU when they defeated Liverpool with a total score of 0-9 after 2 matches.

Even the last teams didn’t lose to such a broken Liverpool!

After feeling angry, coach Rangnick admitted that MU’s two big defeats against Liverpool were an inevitable consequence, showing that the gap between the British rival duo was too far.

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The disappointment of MU players after being beaten 4-0 by Liverpool


“Liverpool was six years ahead of MU. The day he arrived here, coach Jurgen Klopp raised not only this club but also the city of Liverpool.

MU needs a similar upgrade in the next transfer window. We need 5, 6 or even 10 new players. Except for the goalkeeper, every position needs to be added,” said coach Rangnick.

That is Rangnick’s warning for the new MU coach Erik ten Hag. This season has almost ended with MU Rangnick’s mission is also coming to an end. The remaining problem belongs to coach Ten Hag, who has just been officially appointed to lead the team nicknamed “Red Devils”.

How to resurrect MU, is the question that the red half of Manchester has been painful for the past 9 years? The Old Trafford team is the “graveyard” of the post-Sir Alex Ferguson coach from Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho, David Moyes, Ole Solskjaer or now Ralf Rangnick.

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Salah scored twice in Liverpool’s 4-0 win over MU


Six years is the amount of time coach Rangnick mentioned for MU to catch up with the Liverpool of now. This is also the amount of time Klopp needs to build his own work at Liverpool, since taking over the “ruin” of coach Brendan Rodgers at the end of 2015.

Klopp has coached Liverpool for 6 years, but not only the German military leader works. Liverpool built a unified philosophy on both development strategy, selection, branding and strengthening expertise, and Klopp is just a cog in that giant machine.

MU wants Ten Hag to become Klopp, but the Dutch strategist cannot alone restore MU if the club itself is not well oriented.

Remember, Klopp was offered a six-year contract in the summer of 2015-2016, after leading Liverpool to two League Cup finals and two finals. Europa League.

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Coach Rangnick thinks that Liverpool is 6 years ahead of MU


Will coach Ten Hag receive the same patience at MU? Coach Rangnick emphasized that to reform MU, only 2 or 3 transfer periods are not enough. That means coach Ten Hag needs at least 2 years to build his own MU.

However, MU is not in the habit of trusting a coach for too long. Solskjaer has been in office for the longest time, only having about 2 and a half years in the chair. Same goes for Mourinho and Van Gaal.

Every time the Old Trafford team changes the coach, it immediately changes the coaching philosophy. Management and people also change accordingly.

MU’s current squad is a combination of the selection of 4 coaches. It’s just an army of incompetence, “who doesn’t know what to fight for” as Bruno Fernandes.

MU has enough patience with coach Erik ten Hag?  - 4 . photo

Any position of MU needs to be added


Mistakes in the management of the MU leadership also contributed a hand to push the “Red Devils” to the abyss.

“They put the players above the coach. Look at the welcome screens of Paul Pogba or Alexis Sanchez. At Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, the new head coach is the star. The fact that MU overvalues ​​the player makes the role of the coach lower, “said Gary Neville.

Coach Ten Hag will come, but he alone is not enough. The Dutch military leader needs to be given patience to rebuild MU More importantly, a shift in thinking.

“MU can pursue a long-term plan, but they need to know what they are doing and what to aim for”, Coach Rangnick conclude. If Ten Hag unappreciated and the leadership MU Still loyal to the path, MU will bury the name of another talented strategist.

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