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Murder from illegal building ‘protection’

Khanh HoaThe group Ho Duong Dai, 24 years old, was hired to “protect” illegal house builders, causing a crime that left one person dead.

On April 21, Dai, Thieu Quang Huy (38 years old, owner) and three accomplices were detained by Khanh Hoa Provincial Police for their behavior. Killing.

Thieu Quang Huy (left) and Ho Duong Dai at the investigation agency.  Photo: Provided by the police

Thieu Quang Huy (left) and Ho Duong Dai at the investigation agency. Image: provided by the police

According to the investigation, four days ago, Huy hired workers to build his house in Phuoc Long ward, Nha Trang city, even though he did not have a permit. Next to the wall, Mr. Dang, 42, was afraid of affecting his home, so he went out to prevent the material from being unloaded.

Huy hired the Dai group for 5 million VND to “protect” the workers to continue construction. In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Dang continued to not allow the group of workers to move materials into the house, so Dai and 3 people rushed to him, clamped his neck, pulled out a knife and stabbed him to death.

The whole group of Dai got into the car to escape, being arrested by the police the next day.

The murder weapon.  Photo: Bui Toan

The murder weapon was seized by the police. Image: provided by the police

Bui Toan

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