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Netizens ‘buzz’ just because To Huu Bang gained weight

“To Huu Bang gained weight” is the keyword phrase that reached the top of the prominent discussion topic on Weibo on the evening of April 20. Tens of thousands of netizens posted photos and videos of the movie’s Ngu A ca Hoan Chau distance when he appeared on the show Great dance crew After 2 years of absence, with the comment that he is developing generals, losing his inherent serenity, even some fans say they do not recognize their idols. Many people guess that the 49-year-old actor’s strange appearance is due to cosmetic interventions to rejuvenate.

Netizens 'buzz' just because To Huu Bang gained weight - 1

The image of To Huu by gaining weight made netizens stir.

In response to gossip about his appearance, To Huu Bang wrote on his personal page: “Being fat is a natural change, nothing to worry about”. He also posted a series of photos from his films, along with witty comments: “I haven’t eaten in half an hour”, “I’m fat like this, where’s the fat?”…

To Huu Bang is one of the male actors who are praised for being forever young. However, he is also often entangled in rumors of chin augmentation and facelift. The actor once explained that the audience found him more strange because the stylist created a new image, and he wanted to experiment with many different makeup and hair styles.

Recently, To Huu Bang rarely acted in movies, and rarely attended events. In an appearance on CTV (Taiwan) in 2020, the actor said he liked the present self, when he had understood the meaning of life.. “Before the age of forty, I spent up to 98% of my time at work. That way of life can be gained or lost. Now I realize that a full life should not only be about work.“.

Netizens 'buzz' just because To Huu Bang gained weight - 2

Strange image of To Huu Bang in the program “Great dance crew”.

Reducing the amount of work, To Huu Bang spends more time studying Buddhism, attending retreats or going to the mountains to meditate. He often has periods in the mountains for weeks, without using the phone or the Internet. Through practice, he trained how to regulate his mind to be peaceful and avoid negative emotions. The words “Every breath is a blessing” is tattooed on his right arm as a reminder to himself.

To Huu Bang was born in 1973, is a very multi-talented artist, both an actor, director, and film producer. With whatever field he was in, he was successful. At the age of 15, he joined the band Tieu Ho Doi with Tran Tri Bang (who played Er Thai in Hoan Chau distance 1998 version) and Ngo Ky Long. The group quickly became famous throughout Taiwan, and To Huu Bang became the dream guy of many girls.

In 1991, the group disbanded. 7 years later, To Huu Bang is famous throughout Asia with the role of Ngu a ca in the movie Hoan Chau distance. After that, he participated in a series of other hit movies such as: Mysterious House, New River Separation, Teenager Truong Tam Phong, Young Promise, Ỷ Heavenly Map Long Sign…

With movies Phong Thanh, To Huu Bang won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Golden Rooster Awards.

In 2012, To Huu Bang switched to investing and producing films and right after that won the Best Producer award of the year with the film. Willow charm.

In 2014, he worked as a film director Left ear and consecutively won the following awards: Best Film of the Year Award at the 2015 Beijing Film Festival, Newly Competent Director Award and the Most Favorite Student Director award at the Beijing Student Film Festival.

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