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Ngoc Thanh Tam needs to learn grace from BB Tran

In episode 3 of the personal reality show Not Just A Rich Kid, Ngoc Thanh Tam shared a picture she took at an event along with a series of comments from netizens, saying that she was “less elegant”, “her dress style”. weird”…

After this incident, Thanh Tam invited Ms. Xuan Trang, principal of the School of Personal Development & Talent Training, to review her style. Ms. Xuan Trang is still the head of the jury of Miss Universe Vietnam and is also the mother of Primmy Truong – close friend Ngoc Thanh Tam. Appearing with Tam in this episode is BB Tran – a familiar face with young people.

Ms. Xuan Trang

Ms. Xuan Trang – Judge of Miss Universe Vietnam

The first subject that Ngoc Thanh Tam and BB Tran had to learn as soon as they came to see Ms. Xuan Trang was elegant manners. Ms. Xuan Trang revealed that through the style of walking and standing, you can see the generals of some people and guess what their life will be like. After that, BB Tran “catwalked” to try on male and female styles. BB Tran’s demeanor, steps, and charisma when walking in female style made Xuan Trang and Ngoc Thanh Tam surprised.

Ms. Xuan Trang

With grace, Ngoc Thanh Tam still has to study BB Tran.

Next to The seafood giant’s daughter shows her step. Before Ngoc Thanh Tam’s steps, Ms. Xuan Trang commented: “Tam’s steps are very confident, but to be graceful, Tam must learn BB”. Hearing comments about her steps from Ms. Xuan Trang, Ngoc Thanh Tam felt “shocked” when Ms. Xuan Trang commented that BB was better than her.

Ms. Xuan Trang

BB Tran received many compliments from Ms. Xuan Trang.

BB Tran also confirmed, if talking about femininity, Ngoc Thanh Tam is also far behind me and girls are not necessarily as feminine as him. In the next challenges of Ms. Xuan Trang, BB Tran continued to score. Ms. Trang shared that, although Ngoc Thanh Tam was her biological student, she praised BB Tran for being extremely charming at the first lesson.

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