No personal identification code, can children get the COVID-19 vaccine?

On the afternoon of April 21, Ho Chi Minh City held a press conference on the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic and the restoration of socio-economic development.

At the press conference, the reporter asked: “Many parents wonder about the regulation that children who get vaccinated must have an identifier, but in fact many children do not have a personal identifier, in this case can they be vaccinated? or not?”

Responding to the above issue, Ms. Le Thien Quynh Nhu, Deputy Chief of the Office of the Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City, said that in case the child has not been given an identification code, if parents want to vaccinate their child against COVID-19 vaccine, the industry will Medical assistance is available.

“During the injection process, we will record the children’s information so that later we can determine the list of vaccinated children,” said Ms. Nhu.

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More than 93,000 children in Ho Chi Minh City have been vaccinated against COVID-19

A representative of the Department of Health also said that by the end of April 20, the city had a total of 93,562 children vaccinated against COVID-19. Through screening, it was determined that 1,798 children had to postpone vaccination because COVID-19 infection did not have enough time to be vaccinated. In addition, 458 children with obesity and underlying disease were assigned to be transferred to the hospital for injection.

Up to now, all cases of post-injection reactions have been detected early, treated promptly, and are currently in stable health. Vaccination was done in an orderly and safe manner.

Responding to parents’ complaints about the fact that after the vaccination, children (mostly 6th graders) had a reaction of high fever and sore hands, but it was not possible to contact the phone number provided, Ms. Quynh Nhu said. Know: In addition to the phone number of the health station, as well as the medical staff at the vaccination site provided to parents, when necessary, parents can contact support information and advice channels such as channel 1022 branch 3.

This is a channel with the volunteer participation of experienced professors, associate professors, and doctors from the Medical Association of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the City Center for Disease Control. Consultation time is all days of the week according to a fixed time frame, in the morning from 8-12 hours, noon from 14-16 hours, and in the evening from 19-21 hours

Up to now, the number of new cases as well as the number of severe cases in Ho Chi Minh City has decreased deeply. In recent days, the city has not recorded any deaths. This shows that the effectiveness of vaccination against COVID-19 has created immunity in the community, as well as the campaign to protect people at risk is effective. However, the health sector still urges people to be cautious about the risk that the disease may appear new strains.

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