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Only 1m57 tall, but the street style is not inferior to French girls

Emma Roberts famous through many roles in American television series, especially the popular series “American Horror Story”. She is also known for her unusual family background, when her father is actor Eric Roberts, and her biological aunt is “beautiful woman” Julia Roberts. Since her debut, Emma Roberts has been remembered with her sweet, clear, but equally seductive beauty.

However, the impressive thing about Emma Roberts has not stopped there. Fashion style Her style is highly appreciated, because of her femininity, style and flightiness like a French girl. It is worth mentioning here that Emma Roberts is only 1m57 tall – an extremely modest figure. However, no one noticed Emma’s short stature, because she hacked her super top shape with 4 dressing recipes.

Blouse + ankle length jeans

Not a basic shirt, a blouse with a feminine and trendy design is really Emma Roberts’ “honest love”. The 31-year-old actress often wears a blouse with floral motifs, polka dots or ruffles. These designs, although very cakey, still exude elegance and grace.

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Instead of combining a blouse with a trendy skirt, Emma prefers to mix it with jeans. This combo is very youthful, feminine and equally stylish. For the best effect of hacking, Emma Roberts will choose ankle-length jeans. So, even with flat shoes, this 1m57 beauty still looks tall.

White T-shirt + jeans, neat shirt

Emma Roberts is very good at wearing T-shirts. Her favorite option is a white t-shirt – the version that is considered the most gentle and elegant. The perfect other half of a white t-shirt is of course jeans. And when dressing up with this combo, Emma Roberts never forgets the dress. The operation is very simple, but it effectively improves the height. Besides, when the dress is neat, the street style combo like white t-shirt + jeans also becomes elegant and sophisticated.

Skirt/shorts + youthful top

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As a short lady, Emma Roberts cannot ignore short items, such as mini skirts and shorts.

With these liberal and sexy items, Emma Roberts has very chic ways to wear, such as mixing short skirts with a cardigan, a neat shirt, or combining shorts with a stylish white blouse. To complete the set, Emma Roberts will choose classic shoe models such as loafer, Mary Jane and thanks to that, her appearance will be even more luxurious and smooth.

Patterned skirt with waistline

Emma Roberts is exactly the “goddess of dresses”. She always chooses patterned dresses when going down the street, and especially loves floral dresses. Because of prioritizing bright but elegant designs, mini motifs, Emma Roberts always looks very young and elegant when wearing dresses. One more point worth noting, Emma Roberts’ dresses often have waist details to help “cheat” height.

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