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Parents violate epidemic prevention regulations, school expels boys

The government of China’s Heilongjiang province has annulled the education bureau’s decision to expel a middle school boy because his parents violated the local Covid-19 epidemic prevention policy. Previously, Chinese public opinion had voiced a harsh reaction to the incident of a male student being expelled from school just because his parents did something wrong.

The school in Suihua, a small city in Heilongjiang province, initially announced the expulsion of a male student because his parents did not report his travel schedule to the school, despite this being an anti-epidemic regulation. locally.

China: Parents violate epidemic prevention regulations, the school expels male students - Photo 1.

Parents violate regulations on prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, a middle school in China expels male students. (Photo: QQ.com)

Specifically, the boy’s parents left Tuy Hoa city, but did not take their son with them. When the boy’s parents returned home on April 11, they did not inform the school about their travel schedule. Meanwhile, male students continue to go to school as usual.

The notice published by the education department on April 18 emphasized that the boy’s parents were identified as having been in close contact with a case of Covid-19. But because he did not report to the school, the male student still went to school as usual. And this forced teachers, classmates and other students’ family members to self-isolate.

The education department asserted that the boy’s family’s behavior “caused extremely dangerous consequences and we decided to expel the male student”. However, in this notice, the education department did not mention whether there were any cases that tested positive for Covid-19.

Immediately the announcement of the education department shocked netizens and strongly criticized the expulsion of male students.

Zhu Xiaoding, a lawyer at Cailiang Law Firm in Beijing, said: “Expulsing boys and depriving them of the right to study not only destroys the hope of a child and family, but also the school and entire families of other students”.

“This incident shows that the local education management agencies have acted inhumanely, as well as reflecting the quality and capacity of education. Bad trends like these will put education in jeopardy, if we don’t take corrective action,” Zhu said.

On Weibo, a netizen commented, “Why should the child be punished just because the parents did something wrong?”.

Another said the decision was “a common disease that we need to treat immediately”.

In a statement on April 19, the Tuy Hoa city government acknowledged the decision to expel students was wrong and blamed the education department, as well as the school, “misunderstanding the epidemic prevention policies, so they have wrong decisions”.

Tuy Hoa city government further emphasized that the decision to expel male students should be abolished, and the school must let students return to school.

Tuy Hoa is not the only city in China to enforce draconian anti-epidemic measures, while the Beijing government is looking for every measure to quell the most severe outbreak due to its rapid spread. of the Omicron variant.

Typically, the entire Dai Xuong district of Hebei province was locked down for 17 days in March, although this area did not detect any Covid-19 cases.

The extension of the blockade order in Shanghai city since March 28 is causing many other local governments to be on high alert to avoid falling into a similar situation.

On April 19, China had more than 19,800 cases of Covid-19, but 86% of cases were asymptomatic. The majority of Covid-19 cases have been identified in Shanghai.

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