PepsiCo cooperates with Schneider Electric, determined to achieve 0% emissions

The Paris Agreement on climate change uses 2050 as an important milestone, requiring parties to achieve net emissions of 0%, helping to keep the average global temperature from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. Still complying with the Agreement, but PepsiCo intends more than that.

Cooperating with Schneider Electric – a well-known enterprise in consulting and purchasing renewable energy, PepsiCo announced the pep + REnew strategy. The project aims to encourage PepsiCo’s partners to switch to renewable electricity, striving to achieve zero emissions by 2040, 10 years earlier than the limit set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. climate change introduced.

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PepsiCo’s strategy to promote the use of renewable energy is built on scientific calculations and in-depth cost-benefit analysis; through which PepsiCo can focus its resources on the areas of greatest benefit. In addition, PepsiCo will create applicable production models on a large scale, and advise and support partners in converting to renewable energy.

Our climate ambitions are at the heart of our push to boost renewable energy, and we’re leveraging our scale to work towards a sustainable, sustainable global food supply system. the ability to regenerate“, PepsiCo senior director, Mr. Jim Andrews shared.

According to calculations, the joint effort between PepsiCo and Schneider Electric will reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment by 26 million tons, equivalent to the emissions emitted by 5 million cars.

By increasing access to large-scale renewable electricity, Schneider Electric and PepsiCo look to their partnership to add more renewable capacity to grids around the world.”, Steve Wilhite, President of the Sustainable Business Unit Schneider Electric shared with the press. “This is a necessary step for us towards a zero-emissions economy and a more sustainable future for all.“.

Towards this big goal, PepsiCo will focus on multiple aspects of clean energy at the same time. These include efforts to increase the scale of clean agricultural activities, but do not forget to improve planting land, protect forests and ensure the rate of biodiversity. In addition, PepsiCo affirmed to increase the use of recycled plastic and reduce the use of plastic in its products.

It’s time for companies to do more than limit their impact on the environment, they must take direct action to improve and regenerate the planet.” Mr. Andrew affirmed.

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