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Put money in the land…still “quiet”?

While listening to friends investing in securities lost money, Mr. Tr felt lucky because he put all his money into the land, even though he couldn’t sell it yet. According to his calculation, the more the land increases in value, the more it is impossible to lose.

In the context of a volatile market in which channel to invest, and where to keep money safe are probably concerns of many investors. Of course, in investment risk always exists, no channel is absolutely safe. Spending more than 4 billion VND on the land in the suburbs, not selling goods as planned, Mr. Tr, an investor for more than 4 years in the real estate market is still not worried, because he has targeted the market. The investment capital is self-sufficient.

“These past few days, I have heard that my friends and brothers who invest in the stock market have lost money, and feel that they are still lucky when they put their money in the land, even though they have not sold goods as planned. However, I am not worried about this piece of land. The value of the land to buy is still up, without using leverage,” Mr. Tr shared.

In fact, it is difficult to compare investment channels. According to experts, so far, securities and real estate are two investment channels preferred by investors. However, unlike real estate securities, it needs a large capital flow to enter the market. In the context of a volatile market, many investors were worried about where to put their money to be safe and reduce risks.

From an expert perspective, having shared many times in the press, Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, said that land is still the first and preferred choice of investors. In the future, land plot projects located in key areas planned according to local policies, provinces and cities will benefit, and land prices may increase rapidly. In the South, land plots in Binh Duong, Long An and Dong Nai will have good liquidity and increase in price. Meanwhile, in the northern region, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh and Bac Giang are highly appreciated for their good prices and high potential for price appreciation thanks to great support from infrastructure.

According to this expert, the market’s annual demand for land plots is always very high and this segment is at the top of the priority list of investors even in the context of the epidemic.

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According to real estate experts, there are currently signs that a large amount of money withdrawn from other fields is tending to pour into real estate looking for investment opportunities, which also puts upward pressure on prices. Despite economic difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, housing demand is still high. The more in the epidemic, the more people want to own a safe private house.

At some point, the cash flow temporarily poured into securities, and so far the cash flow has continued to return to the real estate channel.

According to experts, investor psychology always believes in the recovery of the real estate market, because the stock market needs understanding. In all market fluctuations, real estate is still the top priority channel compared to other investment channels, because it ensures safety, durability and good profit.

Over the past year, due to the impact of the epidemic, but real estate prices have continued to rise, cash flows continue to pour into this market, even profits from other investment channels have also been realized in real estate, showing that Investor psychology always believes in real estate. In review, not only individual investors, but also businesses, when they have profits, they also turn to real estate investment and development, showing that this is a “king” investment channel, making a safe profit. and sustainable.

However, it is not recommended to use financial leverage to invest in real estate at this time, because the demand is still there, but the macroeconomic situation cannot be predicted, so there is still a risk associated with the advice of most experts. in the industry.

With real estate, investors need to choose a full legal project, complete infrastructure and orient medium and long-term investment plans.

“Should limit borrowing – avoid burying capital. If the market is quiet, the land plots in the group will slow down the fastest. The legality of land plots in some areas is still unclear, making investors vulnerable to risks” , an industry expert for advice.

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