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Queen of England – fashion monument

Queen Elizabeth II conquered the world with classic fashion sense, exuding bravery, through 70 years of reign.

Queen of England turned 96 years old today (April 21), the birthday party was held privately, according to People. A day earlier, the royal family released a photo celebrating her birthday, taken in the grounds of Windsor Castle last month. The queen wore a dark green cape and held the reins in front of the magnolia trees. Next to her are her two favorite ponies – Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale.

Queen of England on the occasion of her 96th birthday. Photo: Henry Dallal Photography

The Queen of England on the occasion of her 96th birthday, taken at the grounds of Windsor Castle – where many memories of her and her late husband are located. Image: Henry Dallal Photography

She became the first British monarch to rule for seven decades and is also the world’s longest-serving monarch. Her fashion style is Telegraph commented influence public perception, world leaders and leave a legacy for generations to come.

In her twenties, the queen’s dress was shaped by Norman Hartnell – an English seamstress who also made dresses for other members of the royal family. He designed long, body-hugging clothes compared to the flapper style of the 1920s. His style is said to have influenced Christian Dior’s classic New Look collection later. Elizabeth Holmes, journalist and author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style said: “The Queen is fascinated with her clothes. She has been very attractive from a young age.”

Portrait of the British Queen in 1959. Photo: Camera Press

Portrait of the British Queen in 1959. Photo: Camera Press

A little older, the new queen turned to the classic style with the help of Hardy Amies – who made her clothes from the 1950s-1990s. His designs were simpler than Hartnell’s, in keeping with the queen’s desire to be closer to the people. In 1970, during a trip to Australia and New Zealand, she always avoided costumes with a cold, unapproachable beauty when interacting with politicians and the public.

The style of the queen today is thanks to Angela Kelly, a royal dressmaker since 2002, built. Her wardrobe is modernized with bright, striking colors and a tailored fit. In 2008, while attending a hockey game in Slovakia, the queen wore high black boots, a sequin skirt and a feathered hat. Holmes said to Vogue: “What a joy it is to see a woman in her 80s wearing knee-high boots. When she wears bright pink or vibrant orange, I believe the image automatically captures your heart, because there’s something It’s so sweet and lovely.”

The Queen of England creates her own formula for her look: hat – coat – bag Launer – shoe. This mix has set a precedent for other female politicians for decades. Typically, Margaret Thatcher’s pearl dresses in the 1980s or Angela Merkel’s use of vibrant, uniform colors… were all inspired by the British queen.

Above CNNRobb Young, author of Power Dressing: First Ladies, Women Politicians & Fashion suggested that uniform and repeated combinations in clothing could imply stability. “The consistency the queen has built into her style helps her subordinates feel that the state is stable even in times of crisis,” writes Robb Young.

Queen Elizabeth II meets former US First Lady Ronald Reagan in 1983 in Los Angeles.  She was wearing a Hardy Amies orange poppy embroidered dress.  Photo: AP

Queen Elizabeth II (left) during a meeting with former US First Lady Ronald Reagan in 1983 in Los Angeles. She was wearing a Hardy Amies orange poppy embroidered dress. Image: AP

According to TelegraphThe Queen of England pays great attention to the use of color. With a height of 1.6 m, in colorful costumes such as yellow, pink fuchsia, purple, green periwinkle, orange… she could not be confused in the crowd. In the book Our Rainbow Queen, Welsh journalist – Sali Hughes – wrote: “The Queen does not wear green in grassy places, nor does she wear dark clothes in dark places”. Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex, speaks in the documentary The Queen at 90 2016: “She needs to stand out so people can say ‘I’ve seen the Queen'”.

Besides color, she used hats to distinguish among the crowd, creating her own mark. Designer Rachel Trevor-Morgan – who has been making hats for the royal family since 2014 – told the magazine: “British people are famous for their hats and it is the queen who promotes that reputation.”

Today, the Queen of England is associated with colorful costumes.  Photo: AFP

Today, the Queen of England is associated with colorful costumes. Image: AFP

Polite, relevant and always strategic, the Queen’s style choice is seen as a form of diplomacy full of connotations. During her travels, she often chooses clothes that are typical of the country she visits. When she visited the West Coast in 1983, she wore a white Hardy Amies dress embroidered with orange poppies, the state flower of California. In 2011, when she arrived in Dublin, the Queen wore a matching hat with a green coat, a white silk robe with a Swarovski crystal harp brooch. These colors all appear on the Irish flag. Her delicate way of choosing has been studied by her niece-in-law – Princess Kate Middleton.

Besides color, the Queen of England also often uses accessories to express political views. In 2017, when she spoke at the opening of the annual Parliament after the Brexit vote, she caused a stir when she wore a blue hat with yellow flowers arranged in a circle like the flag of the European Union. Another time, when she met President Donald Trump, she wore a brooch given to her by former President Barack Obama.

The Queen's country style was adopted by Margaret Thatcher.  Photo: The Royal Family

The Queen’s country style was adopted by Margaret Thatcher. Image: The Royal Family

The Queen of England is also famous for her country style in everyday life. She usually wears a Barbour coat or quilted waistcoat, a printed silk scarf, and jodhpurs and tartan dresses. These designs are considered quintessentially British, chosen by politicians such as Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon.

Elizabeth II had a great influence on the fashion industry. Many designs were inspired by her, including Erdem’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection with brooch shirt skirts, floral chiffon skirts and long white gloves. The aforementioned designer Erdem Moralioglu Vogue: “I was very fortunate to have toured the Queen’s wardrobe at Buckingham Palace. Her coronation dress was stunning. There were so many beautiful secrets embroidered on the dress – an iconic Scottish thistle. , a leek plant for Wales”.

The Queen of England appeared at London Fashion Week

The Queen of England sat next to US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour on the front row of Richard Quinn show 2018. Video: The Royal Family Channel

Emerging designer Richard Quinn also referenced her style, especially the Balmoral outfit consisting of a luxurious floral dress with a silk hijab. In February 2018, he was awarded the “Queen Elizabeth II for British Design” award by the queen at the show Autumn-Winter 2018. The event marked the Queen’s first time. appear at London Fashion Week – one of the four largest fashion weeks in the world.

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