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Record hot weather in spring in Mexico

This shows that climate change is having direct and severe effects on the lives of the people of this Central American country.

The capital, Mexico City, has never been so hot at this time of year. The temperature over the past 1 month has often fluctuated between 40-45 degrees Celsius. The Mexican Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change said this. is a consequence of climate change. And this is the time when not only researchers, but citizens themselves have become more aware of this condition.

Mr. Sergio Linares – The resident of Mexico City, Mexico said: “It’s very hot, very dry and the sun is very strong. We work on the street, suffer from traffic jams and noise. It’s unbearable’.

Meanwhile, in the southern states of Mexico, temperatures are also higher than usual, affecting people’s daily lives. Ms. Gabriela Ramirez – Oaxaca City resident: “This year I feel the heat more clearly than other years, very uncomfortable. The weather is changing drastically.”

With the country seeing record temperatures in late spring and early summer, researchers fear deadly heat waves here are likely to become more common in the future.

Mr. Alejandro Jaramillo – Expert, Mexican Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change said: “This is when global warming becomes the main topic to talk about at the moment. annual increase in global temperature due to widespread emissions”.

The level of stress caused by extreme weather on humans could nearly triple in the next few years if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed, experts warn.

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