Revealing a new champion from the Void

On the evening of April 20 (Vietnam time), Riot revealed the taste new champion prepares to join Summoner’s Rift and come from the Void. This general is named Bel’Veth, a Void entity that resembles a stingray. The main color of Bel’Veth will still be purple like previous Void generals like Kai’Sa, Vel’Koz, Kha’Zix… But it is noteworthy that the skill set has been changed. tease some part of Bel’Veth.

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New teaser image of new champion Bel’Veth

According to the revealed information, Bel’Veth’s skill set will be strong in the passive. More specifically, Bel’Veth was teased by Riot nearly 10 years ago, in the teaser of the War Machine skin line. Perhaps longtime League of Legends gamers already know, this line of skins comes from Viktor’s experiments to transform creatures, from humans to monsters, both on Earth and entities from the Void. No. And there is an opinion that, back in the day, people confused Bel’Veth with Anivia. But until now, it is possible that Bel’Veth is the champion that appears in the teaser.

New image revealed of new champion Bel’Veth

And according to the design of Bel’Veth’s skill set that was revealed in the War Machine skin line, this champion can increase his strength by accumulating stacks. Besides, according to the clip above, Bel’Veth will have a shapeshifting ultimate and this may be the true form of this Void general.

Revealing a new champion from the Void - BelVeth: Has a shape-shifting skill set, teased nearly 10 years ago - Photo 3.

The image is quite similar to Bel’Veth in the teaser of the old Battle Machine skin series

However, this information has not been officially confirmed by Riot, although this NPH has revealed that in the roadmap for the new champion’s release, there will be a name from the Void. But perhaps, Riot will officially speak about new champion information in the near future, especially when the newly revealed images are making the League of Legends community extremely excited. 10-year-old-20220421101549684.chn

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