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Rihanna was suddenly dragged into a drama for some reason

Shut up a bit later The loudest and most unclean sexual harassment scandal in the modern fashion villageRecently, designer Alexander Wang held the Fall 2022 show in Chinatown (Los Angeles). Instead of appearing to the public in the usual way, the designer held a show called Fortune City (Translation: Lucky city) has the sound of traditional Chinese culture.

However, this comeback has attracted mixed opinions. Throughout the collection there is the presence of baggy leather jackets, oversized white buttons for men with exposed bras, jeans shorts… And the appearance of model Adriana Lima aroused. Controversy surrounding the creative thinking of American designers.

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After the scandal, Alexander Wang showed no tolerance for fashion that liberates the body, continuing to produce designs with bold cuts, combining American fashion and French gaming style.

There are low-rise pants and skirts reminiscent of designs from the Miu Miu brand and towards the end. Besides, the appearance of ruffled, ruffled clothes and a series of sportswear with buckles.

Netizens argue because the pregnant model is still wearing high heels to go to the catwalk: Rihanna was suddenly dragged into the drama for an inexplicable reason - Photo 4.

The most dramatic is probably the appearance of former model Adriana Lima with a large pregnant belly. Netizens expressed dissatisfaction when the beauty “risked” walking on high heels, at the time of “giving birth”.

Netizen’s opinion:

– “Hold on! There’s nothing left to describe”.

– “Is Adriana taking too much risk? She’s about to give birth.”

– “Catwalk plus size model? Okay. But a model who is about to give birth wears high heels? I refuse to understand”.

– “This image makes me think of Rihanna.”

– “I hate the shirt Adriana wears. It looks uncomfortable.”

– “Is that the second Rihanna?”.

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The presence of model Adriana Lima is reminiscent of Rihanna with her unique fashion sense. Instead of choosing soft and safe shoes, the What’s My Name singer often wears high heels during her pregnancy.

She did not hesitate to choose a dress with a personality like when she was not pregnant. In addition to compliments for her breakthrough, there is also a section of netizens who feel unsatisfied with her daring outfits.

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