‘Sister Shang-Chi’ plays Geralt’s comrade, Ciri’s lover is revealed

Last March, season 3 of The Witcher series officially entered the production process, with the hope that it can be broadcast by the end of this year or early 2023. Currently, they are conducting filming in Slovenia. , Croatia and Epping Forest in London, England. In addition, Netflix has also revealed new faces that will appear in the upcoming season, including some important names that fans of the original series have probably long been waiting for.

Meng’er Zhang – as Milva

Revealing a series of new characters in season 3 of The Witcher:

Milva is one of the most beloved characters in the series The Witcher by writer Andrzej Sapkowski, and is also a close ally and collaborator with Geralt. Milva, along with the witcher and a number of other characters, set out to find Ciri, even standing by him in the fiercest battle of the novel.

As described by Netflix, “Milva of the human race, adopted at a young age by the dryads of Brokilon forest, is a talented and fierce hunter. She possesses skilled arrow shooting skills, with a cold, iron will and attitude suitable for life in the wilderness. All have made Milva a formidable opponent on the Continent, and it will be bad luck for those who accidentally become her enemies.“.

In the original series, Milva is one of the few humans welcomed by the dryads in the sacred forest of Brokilon. Her loyalty to them is much higher than that of her own species. When war broke out on the Continent, Milva became an effective scout for the dryads. She is also the one who saved Geralt’s life when he was seriously injured during the Aretuza coup – the central event in the upcoming season.

Meng’er Zhang is the one chosen by Netflix to send gold for this role. Previously, the Chinese actress left many strong impressions when participating in the blockbuster Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in the role of Xu Xialing, Shang-Chi’s younger sister.

Christelle Elwin – as Mistle

Revealing a series of new characters in season 3 The Witcher:

The second most notable face is Mistle, a member of the Rats bandit, and also Ciri’s lover. In the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, when performing the quest series of Princess Cintra, we can see on this character’s thigh a rose tattoo. This is Ciri’s double tattoo with Mistle.

Back to the main issue. In order to escape the coup in Aretuza, Ciri accidentally opened an unstable portal, leaving her lost in the Korath desert and having to go through a difficult and difficult survival journey. After many incidents, she accidentally rescues a member of the Rats, and eventually becomes a member of this band with the nickname Falka. The relationship between Ciri and Mistle also blossomed from there, although the book series has repeatedly suggested that Ciri is not really too interested in this love.

However, in an interview with Digital Spy, producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said that the Netflix series will explore Ciri’s love side in a very different direction from the novel version. And indeed, with a season 2 already too far from the original, don’t be too surprised if The Witcher season 3 will bring a lot of big changes.

Christelle Elwin will play the role of Mistle. Before that, the actress also appeared in works like Netflix’s Half Bad or Bloods.

Hugh Skinner – as Prince Radovid

Revealing a series of new characters in season 3 of The Witcher:

Radovid is an important character to the political battle in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but doesn’t play a big role in the original series. However, unlike the game version, Radovid will be the younger brother (not the son) of King Vizimir.

The official Netflix description says: “Radovid is a genuine royal “playboy”, and the younger brother of King Vizimir, but reluctantly becomes an insider of the Redanian Intelligence. With a handsome appearance, ecstatic charm, Radovid will show himself as an extremely talented and skillful political “player”.“.

Hugh Skinner plays Prince Radovid. The actor has participated in big projects such as Les Miserables (2012), Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Law & Order: UK or Fleabag.

Robbie Amell – as Gallatin

Revealing a series of new characters in season 3 of The Witcher:

Gallatin is a new character, created by Netflix specifically for the series The Witcher. But the role of this character is quite similar to Isengrim Faoiltiarna – The Iron Wolf, the core member of Scoia’tael.

Netflix said: “Gallatin was a professional gladiator who led a guerrilla army of Scoia’tael and fought for the Nilfgaard. With both integrity and frankness, Gallatin always does not hesitate to speak the truth, always expressing absolute loyalty to his species. It was this that pushed him into a heated confrontation with Francesca over the issue of power“.

The role of Gallatin will be played by Robbie Amell, who recently made a strong impression when he appeared in the blockbuster Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City as Chris Redfield.

The main content of The Witcher season 3

Revealing a series of new characters in season 3 of The Witcher:

Along with the announcement of the start of production, Netflix also revealed the official synopsis for the next season of The Witcher, with main inspiration from the Time of Contempt series.

In the face of kings, wizards, and beasts all over the Continent, Geralt is forced to take Ciri into hiding, and is determined to protect his newly reunited small family from those trying to destroy it. it. In charge of training Ciri to use magic, Yennefer took the two to Aretuza Academy, where the sorceress hoped to help her discover the mysterious source of her power. Instead, however, they are caught in a war of politics, magic, and betrayal. The three are forced to fight to restore the original order, or they will be separated forever“.

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