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Surgery to remove dozens of stones in the patient’s bladder

Surgery to remove dozens of stones in the patient's bladder - Photo 1.

The stone is removed from the patient’s bladder. Photo: BVCC

According to information from Thanh Ba District Health Center, the patient has a history of transverse myelitis, paraplegia, and has placed a bladder drain on the pubic bone for 5 years.

After examining and doing tests, the doctors diagnosed the patient with stones filling the bladder and was prescribed surgery to open the bladder to remove stones.

Doctors removed dozens of stones of different sizes from the patient’s bladder. After surgery, the patient’s health is stable and is gradually recovering.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Deputy Head of General Surgery said: For patients with spinal cord paralysis, there is a high rate of bladder stones very high. Therefore, for these patients, it is necessary to have a monitoring regime, scientific care, and periodic health checks. When detecting stones, it is necessary to go to medical facilities to take timely intervention measures to avoid complications.

According to doctors, urinary tract stones include kidney stones, ureter stones, bladder stones. If detected early when the size is small, it can be treated with drugs, endoscopic laser lithotripsy, endoscopic percutaneous lithotripsy…

However, if the stone is large enough to undergo surgery, it will cause pain, affect health and be expensive.

Therefore, when experiencing symptoms of urinary tract stones such as pain in the lower back, bladder, painful urination, hematuria, etc., it is necessary to visit specialized medical facilities for examination and advice on treatment methods. .

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