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Swollen phone battery: How to detect and prevent

These batteries can power our devices for several hours on a single charge. However, if used improperly, these batteries can swell over time which can be dangerous.

At Asurion, experts help millions of customers get the most out of technology and solve their device problems. Here’s everything you need to know about swollen batteries and their advice on what you should do if you have one.

Why phone batteries and the laptop is bulging?

Several factors can lead to a bulging battery in your iPhone, Android or laptop, but a manufacturer defect is the most likely cause. If there is a hole in the lithium-ion battery, the charging process will create a small amount of gas in the sealed cavity of the battery. Over time, that gas will build up and cause the battery to expand.

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Other causes of battery swelling

– Using equipment that is too powerful

– Equipment exposed to high temperature

– Using the device for a long time

How do I know if my device has a swollen battery?

As the battery swells, your device slowly changes shape. For example, your phone’s screen or case may start to warp, or your laptop’s keyboard may start to protrude. You may also notice your device wobbling when you place it on a flat surface or the buttons become hard to press.

If your device is easy to open, you can remove the cover and check the battery. If it looks round, that means it has bulged. If you’re not sure, drop by the device and ask for help at the nearest phone or computer store.

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