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The 10th grader’s ‘bad boy’ even asked to sleep with his mother, but 11th grade secretly kept a condom in his wallet, causing his parents to panic

April 21, 2022 07:05 GMT+7

Discovering that there are two condoms in her child’s wallet, Hoa is confused and doesn’t know what to do with her school-age son.

What does a condom in a minor’s pocket say?

Ms. Do Thi Hoa (in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) has two sons who are in grade 11 and grade 4. With her eldest son in grade 11, Ms. Hoa is always assured because her son is good, studies hard, and does not know how to compete. follow you. Even in 10th grade, when you already had a boyfriend, her son still sometimes “gross” to ask to sleep next to his mother.

Recently, my son left his wallet at home. Hoa opened her wallet to see how her children used money, and discovered that there were two condoms in it. The incident shocked her because she thought her child was still young and could not have sex.

Hoa and her husband had to find a clever way to talk to their son. Finally, I explained: “My friend bought a lot to share with each of us. If they don’t have condoms in their wallets, they say they’re children.”

Hoa believes that I am telling the truth because I have never seen any signs of liking or loving a girl before. I even said that you have to go to university to have a lover.

Unlike the above case, Mr. Nguyen Van Ninh (in Thai Binh city, Thai Binh province) “stumbled” when he saw his 9th grade son explaining that having a condom in his pocket was to “get ready”. Although he knew that his son fell in love early, he still thought it was pure student love, not love accompanied by sex.

At first, Mr. Ninh was angry, so he forbade his children to do many things. He even took his children to school by himself to avoid the problem of children falling behind after school. However, the boy protested by declaring that he did not enter the 10th grade exam. Therefore, Mr. Ninh decided to change and be more flexible to educate his children about sex in accordance with the current internet technology era.

According to psychologist Nguyen An Nhien – An Viet Son psychology company, Hanoi, if you put it in the mood of parents when they see their young children have condoms in their wallets, the parents will be very angry, may rush to hit their children, scold me. However, when looking from another angle, parents should be glad that their children have learned about sex education on their own and know what threshold is safe. If parents and schools do not properly teach children about sex education and consider sex a natural thing, children may go down the wrong path.

Children are aware that having to wear a condom when having sex early is that they already know the harmful effects of unsafe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

The 10th grader's 'disgusting' son even asked to sleep with his mother, but grade 11 secretly kept 'sensitive things' in his wallet, making his parents angry

Parents skillfully educate their children about sex

According to expert An Nhien, many parents still consider sex education for their children a sensitive topic. Many people are really confused about how to talk and confide in their children about sex when they enter puberty. If children hit puberty early, this becomes even more problematic.

Some parents mistakenly believe that their children are still young and innocent, so they don’t need sex education, they just need to absorb the learning content like in school. This is really a misconception that needs to be changed.

With the current development of the internet, children learning sex education “swim by themselves”. Children are exposed to computers and phones every day, children are at high risk of accessing depraved cultural products…. This will seriously affect the child’s mental and physiological development and make children sick. making sex education more difficult.

Children who are curious about themselves should go online to find answers, but rarely receive proper education. So, there will be two flows: one is following the wrong path, the other is the child equipping himself with knowledge.

An Nhien expert said that, instead of letting children “swim” in the knowledge of sex education online, parents should be closer to their children and monitor their children’s website viewing history to know what their children are looking for. What, curious. When parents know their child’s needs, it will be easier for parents to talk to their children.

Parents should delicately advise their children that in adolescence, when the body is not fully developed, you should not have sex because of the risk of affecting health in the future. At the same time, let’s talk about how to help children understand pure love at school age, different love and sex, adult sex.

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