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The female MC was tricked and abandoned by her lover when she was pregnant, everyone felt sorry for the child

Dung (29 years old, HCMC) has tasted the bitterness and sweetness of marriage and has a beautiful son. She plans to be a single mother and raise her children. But her ex-grandmother advised her when she was young to find new happiness and then leave her great-grandmother to adopt. So she let her grandmother take care of the child, returning to visit her son from time to time.

“She loves me very much. She adopted the boy so that the old granddaughter-in-law could have a new life. She also encouraged me to be young, meet someone who truly loves me, and agree to be someone’s wife. She said that women’s fate is like a raindrop, I once missed with her grandson, suffered many losses … will be compensated all in the next marriage”, Dung confided.

When she was single, Dung was asked by an acquaintance to work as a waiter at a tea room. She worked hard, so she was promoted to be a manager. After that, thanks to her eloquence, she continued to be the host of the program.

The female MC was tricked by her lover and abandoned when she was pregnant, everyone felt sorry for the child - 1

When she was single, Dung was asked by an acquaintance to work as a waiter at a tea room.

“The work was overloaded, I couldn’t afford it, so I decided to choose MC. Every night, I bring 300,000 VND to the shop, enough to pay for living expenses in Saigon and send it back to my hometown to lend to my parents or friends. Many people see me “spending” like that, so they advise to save for themselves when they have a bad luck. I didn’t care much, thought I would never be poor. I never knew the word doubt in my life, I was cheated by my husband and my best friend cheated on money, empty-handed”, the 29-year-old woman burst into tears.

As soon as he finished speaking, Dung quickly wiped the tears away with his hand. She said she didn’t want people to see her as weak, shed tears and criticized her for being a fool… Then she started telling us her own tragedy all this time.

Being cheated by her husband, becoming “small three”

As a tea room MC, Dung accidentally met and fell in love with a rich man. “Falling in love with time, he and I moved back to live together. He provided money and promised to give me a happy life.

He later confessed to me that he was married, but both lived separately and no longer had feelings for each other. I naively believed what he said, accepted to live with him without any title,” the unfortunate woman recalled.

Living with her lover, Dung is loved and spoiled to the fullest. Even her husband is willing to spend money to help her repay the debt. That money is not play money, it is stupid money. She borrowed to lend her close friend 100 million VND. At the appointment, her friend did not bring her, so she fell into a desperate situation, not knowing where to get the money to pay people. Therefore, her husband was willing to pay for the arrangement and pay for her. That is part of the reason why she loves and trusts her husband more and more.

The female MC was tricked and abandoned by her lover when she was pregnant, everyone felt sorry for the child - 2

Dung and the baby.

The COVID-19 epidemic broke out, Dung was unemployed because the tea room was closed. She had to stay at home to be a housewife and take care of the small family. Then she burst with joy when she found out she was going to be a mother! But that was also when she knew that her husband was still living with his ex-wife. “She texted me saying that she knew I was his mistress, and that I lived with him as husband and wife. But she confirmed that the two were not divorced, also separated. I was shocked because he had always said he loved me alone, and his wife was only on paper…”, Dung choked.

Knowing that he was a “small tam” who destroyed other people’s families, Dung decided to leave Saigon to go back to his hometown to rely on his parents for a while. At this time, her husband was eager to find her family. He knelt down to apologize to her and her family and then promised to be decisive with his ex-wife, giving her a title.

Thinking of the child in her womb, Dung ignored everything and trusted once more. Unexpectedly, when returning to Saigon, her husband lazily shook off all responsibilities and did not care about mother and daughter. “He went silent all the time. I knew I was tricked into being the 3rd person to break in and destroy his family, so I accepted to give birth and raise a child alone. I believe that I will overcome all difficulties. But life does not know the word doubt …”, Dung said bitterly.

Wishing my baby girl healthy forever

Her best friend cheated on money and her husband cheated on love, causing Dung to fall into the most tragic situation in her life. She was empty-handed and did not know who to rely on, so she had to endure hunger and thirst with the worry that her child was born with what?

“When I was pregnant with her, Saigon was social distancing. I can’t work to earn money, so I live off charity meals. By the time I gave birth, I had exactly 1 million VND to pay for the hospital fee, and also begged for food and drink from sponsors. The nurse was surprised and asked why I went to give birth alone? Why not foster?… I told them everything, so I was enthusiastically helped”, Dung said.

One day after the baby was born, the poor mother did not have time to rejoice when she received the news that her child had nasopharyngeal disease and had to undergo surgery. But because of poor health, the doctor let her mother and daughter appear and wait for the day when the baby was 9kg to proceed later.

After leaving the hospital, Dung’s mother and daughter rented a dilapidated motel room next to the Thanh Da residence (Binh Thanh, HCMC) as a shelter from the sun and rain. The room had nothing of value but a mattress and a few chairs but was extremely clean. She said that there are sick children at home, so it must be cool so that the children can be comfortable.

The female MC was tricked and abandoned by her lover when she was pregnant, everyone felt sorry for the child - 3

The shabby room of Dung’s mother and daughter.

“When she got home, she would sometimes have convulsions and turn purple all over. I was so scared that I took it to Children’s Hospital 2 for examination. The doctor diagnosed her with a series of diseases such as: Pierre Robin syndrome, pneumonia, cerebral hemorrhage in the face, stenosis of the two branches and early heart attack… I was dumbfounded because I never thought that my child was seriously ill. so? Moreover, it was only a few days old and had to endure so much pain,” Dung choked.

Despite having multiple diseases, Dung’s daughter is still not healthy enough to undergo surgery. Therefore, the doctor sent him home and advised to take care of the baby until he was 6 months old enough to regain his weight and then continue.

Up to now, Dung’s mother and daughter have been together for more than 6 months. The child is growing up, but the weight is still too light to perform the surgery. She is looking forward to each day… each day her daughter grows up to be operated on and has a healthy body. “Saigon has started a new normal life, she is also stronger. So I went back to work selling lottery tickets. The reason I chose that job was because I could earn money and send her along. Fortunately, people love it so they buy it to support it and give it some money. Thanks to that, the life of mother and daughter has been less extreme, I have saved money to prepare for my son’s surgery”, Dung shared.

Referring to the child’s father, Dung smiled shyly: “He abandoned me and my mother. And my parents in the countryside also know about it, but they are too poor to help. Well, “mandarin is a tangerine” bear, I shouldn’t bother anyone. I just ask God to bless her and keep her healthy.”

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