The female model stole money from her roommate 9 times to go to a bar

At the police station, the female model said that due to few shows and poverty, she stole to go to a bar to show her friends.

On April 21, the police of An Hai Tay ward (Son Tra district, Da Nang) handed over Do Thao Uyen (23 years old, living in Son Tay, Hanoi) to the police of this district to continue to investigate the behavior steal.

According to Dan Tri reported, on April 18, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Tr. (SN 1999) went to An Hai Tay ward police station to report the loss of a large amount of money.

According to the victim’s statement, the monthly salary received was kept in a bag to stay in the room. However, the amount of money left in the victim’s bag was 12 million VND, the inspection lost more than 63 million VND.

Ms. Tr. It is also reported that in the past few months, she often lost a few million dong but thought she had spent on something, so she didn’t notice. However, the amount of money lost is increasing, so Ms. reported to the police.

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Do Thao Uyen at the police station (Photo: AT).

Received the news, An Hai Tay ward police got involved, went down to the apartment where Ms. live to investigate. However, investigating the scene, the police did not detect any signs of breaking, searching and at the time of the burglary, there were no strangers in and out of this apartment.

Through investigation, the police learned that Ms. living with Do Thao Uyen. Realizing that Uyen was the dominant suspect in this case, the police invited this girl to the office to work.

At the police station, Uyen initially denied the crime. But after many hours of work, Uyen admitted to stealing money from Ms.

Newspaper Vietnamese Lifestyle said, Uyen declares herself as a photo model, has lived and worked in Da Nang for nearly 8 years. In early 2021, Uyen and Ms. They met each other through Facebook, found each other suitable, so the two rented a room in Cao Ba Quat Street (An Hai Tay Ward, Son Tra District) to live together.

In March 2022, the two sisters moved to an apartment on Tran Hung Dao street (An Hai Tay ward).

Uyen said that recently, her job as a photo model had few shows, so she was often in need, seeing that her roommate had a lot of money, so Uyen had an intention to steal.

Since March this year, Uyen has stolen money from Ms. Tr 8 times. with an amount of more than 50 million dong for personal consumption. Uyen only takes a few million dong each time in a deposit.

The maximum collection time is 10 million VND around April 11 – April 15, 2022. Seeing Ms. Tr. Undoubtedly, by the end of the mission, Uyen had strongly stolen 63 million VND.

The money stolen from her roommate, Uyen mainly “burns” all of it on luxurious parties at bars and pubs to show that she is still “delicious” with friends.

Currently the case is being further clarified.

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