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The former Japanese princess and her husband were forced to return to their homeland

Former Japanese princess couple forced to return to their homeland?

On April 20, Japan’s News Postseven reported that former Japanese Princess Mako and her husband will temporarily return to Japan in May before they can apply for long-term visas in the US.

According to this news site, the second failure of the royal groom in the New York state bar exam has pushed Makos and his wife fall into a predicament. This result has directly affected Kei Komuro’s ability to apply for a visa extension.

Komuro’s visa will expire in May. If Mako’s husband passes the exam, the visa application will certainly go smoothly but now everything is very difficult. Komuro can be kicked out of the US“, said a source.

Japanese newspaper: The former princess and her husband were forced to return to their homeland, Mako's current condition is painful - Photo 1.

The royal groom is expected to return to Japan in May.

Besides, the News Postseven reported that Mako’s current health condition is also a concern. Before getting married, the Japanese royal family said Mako suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of the influence of negative public comments related to her marriage to Kei Komuro, a common man.

When she moved to America to live, Mako did not have a peaceful life as she wished. The couple is constantly facing accusations and criticism from a part of the public regarding the fact that they still receive “privileges” and support from the Japanese royal family. The latest image of the former Princess Mako published by the Daily Mail shows that she looks more tired and loses weight than before.

On April 15, Mako was seen walking to a hospital in central New York, which provides world-class medical care. Most likely, this former Princess is going for a routine check-up. Therefore, many sources confirm that Mako will follow her husband to Japan for a while for treatment and recovery.

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Latest pictures of the former Princess of Japan.

Many people think that Mako currently has no income in the US. And her husband is just a small assistant in a law firm while the inflation situation is escalating. This makes the cost of living more expensive. Therefore, the best way to make life “easier” for the couple is to return to their homeland.

So far, the Mako couple has not given any feedback on whether they will return to Japan for a while. Before that, a representative of the Japanese royal family also advised Mako and her husband to return to Japan because their homeland is always the best place for them.

Source: News Postseven far-20220421143310149.chn

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