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The girl caused controversy about how to ‘catch’ her cheating boyfriend

Posting his story on Tik Tok, Kenzie Curran has received a lot of attention and controversy. She explained that she had suspected her boyfriend of two years of being unfaithful, so she decided to ask him to show him his Snapchat history, to see if there was any evidence of cheating. does he cheat.

The girl who caused controversy about how to catch her cheating boyfriend - 1

Kenzie Curran shares the story of “catching” her cheating boyfriend on TikTok (Photo: @keepinupwkenz/TikTok).

The young woman said at the time that the two were living apart. He went home to Iowa while she lived in California, so they often talked over FaceTime.

“I told him I was only calling for one of two reasons: We were breaking up forever, or we were on the verge of breaking up but would be back when I moved back to Iowa with him. We’ll see how it goes.”

The girl continued that she initially contacted her boyfriend’s mother to make sure he was at home. Then when the video call started, she told her lover to pick up the phone and sit away from it, before asking him for his Snapchat account password.

Kenzie, who posts under the name @keepinupwkenz, said her boyfriend insists he “didn’t know” her Snapchat password but that didn’t stop Kenzie from reaching her goal. She immediately asked her boyfriend to record a video of him surfing his Snapchat account. The boyfriend, of course, turned around and refused, which helped Kenzie confirm that he had something to hide.

“He didn’t send it. At first I said where can I see that video and he said it was sending. I said I didn’t receive it, then he said he didn’t send it.

That’s how I found out he was cheating. I don’t have to be there, I don’t have to check my phone, I really just call him and ask,” Kenzie said.

To further clarify, Kenzie also wrote on the video, when her boyfriend admitted he didn’t send the video, then there was really “no way out” of what she asked for. “If he’s embarrassed like that and refuses to comply in any way with your request, then things are just as bad as you think.”

Followers split into two camps over Kenzie’s “investigation”. Some say her ideas are correct. Others argue that Kenzie’s approach infringes on the privacy of others and that anyone has the right to refuse regardless of whether they are “smeared” or not. “She should have dumped her boyfriend instead of making that call, because without trust between them, the relationship doesn’t have to exist,” one person said.

“If you don’t trust him, you can’t love. If you feel the need to check his social media, he’s not the “right person”, my friend,” another user commented.

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