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The heartbreaking truth about the man who appeared “didn’t dissuade” the beating

The clip went viral on social media, attracting hundreds of thousands of shares, comments and emotions from netizens.

According to PV’s research, the incident happened at 9:30 pm on December 15, 2021 (4 months ago) at a motel in Binh Duong.

“This man is always looking for jealousy, thinks this woman is having an affair, so he beats her. Beating her many times, she still hides it. Because her family suspected of sneaking a camera, she found out about this incident.“, the sister of the woman in the incident shared. It was she who posted the clip on social networks when she saw her sister being brutally assaulted by her husband.

Talking to an Infonet reporter, VTH – the woman who was beaten in the clip sadly confided: “My job is selling coffee shops and selling drugs online, so I often text messages with customers on the phone. My husband is blindly jealous, so he often assaults his wife like that. If there was really something shady, I would have deleted and concealed those messages, but nothing for my husband to read.”

Clip of a husband beating his wife terribly in front of 3 young children: The painful truth about the man who appeared did not stop the beating - Photo 2.

The wall-mounted iron hook used to hang furniture and clothes has become a weapon to beat the wife of an aggressive man

While confiding to reporters, H. sobbed: “The person that everyone wondered why didn’t intervene was my biological father. He had a very weak stroke, was paralyzed in one hand. We also have a small son sleeping in a hammock, 2 children are lying down. So when I was beaten, I didn’t want to make a fuss, afraid that my father and children would wake up.My husband went home to celebrate his grandmother’s death anniversary, when he was drunk, he found an excuse to beat his wife. I told him when he was sober. then he said he didn’t listen…

Because of my father, because of my children, I am willing to try to live, he has assaulted me many times. In the middle of the road also stopped to hit. It’s all just blind jealousy. I tried to endure it, but now it’s too much to bear, I want to stop.”

Clip of husband beating his wife in front of 3 young children: The painful truth about the man who appeared did not stop the beating - Photo 3.

The husband beat his wife in front of 3 small children (Image cut from the clip)

When the PV contacted Mr. HTT – the husband beat his wife in the clip causing a stir on social networks, Mr. T. said: “I know that hitting my wife is wrong. When I watch the clip again, I also know that only a bad man can beat his wife so brutally, in front of children. If I had the chance to go back, I would never do it. But the reason was that I couldn’t control myself, there were too many conflicts and misunderstandings between the couple that made me act like this. I’ve warned her many times before.”

Mr. T added that he is currently contacting his wife’s biological uncle to ask an adult to make arrangements. “Hopefully the husband and wife will sit down and discuss to solve the problem. If they can’t agree, then everyone will go their way in peace, rather than leaving a mess on social networks like now, I really don’t want to.”Mr. T talked about the solution.

The brutal beating of the woman in the clip went viral, causing outrage in public opinion. Many questions raised why the incident lasted so long, the victim was beaten not only once but repeated many times, happened at many locations but there was no intervention or prevention from responsible authorities. Binh Duong Province?

Infonet will continue to investigate this incident.

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