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The leader of the Ukrainian forces in Mariupol sets the conditions for the withdrawal of troops

The leader of the Ukrainian forces entrenched at the Azovstal steel plant in the port city of Mariupol has outlined the conditions for this force to withdraw from the facility that has been surrounded by Russia for several days.

According to Russia Today, in a video statement published late on the evening of April 20, Svyatoslav Palamar – deputy commander of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, announced that the force was ready to leave the Azovstal factory with the support assistance of a “third party”. However, Mr. Palamar did not specify which “third party” he was referring to.

In addition, he stated that Ukrainian soldiers who withdrew from this factory must bring personal weapons. Palamar also demanded the evacuation of both wounded Ukrainian servicemen and those killed in action, but insisted that he would not surrender to the Russians or the separatists, who had besieged Ukrainian troops in Mariupol for several days. via.

khoi boc len tu khu vuc nha may thep azovstal o mariupol ukraine ngay 144 anh ria novosti 8dbc9a48e30e4522bc0273613064e86b
Smoke rises from the Azovstal steel plant area in Mariupol (Ukraine) April 14. Photo: RIA Novosti

Earlier on the same day, Sergey Volyna, commander of Ukraine’s 36th Marine Brigade, which is also entrenched in Azovstal, gave a similar speech. Volyna said his unit has about 500 wounded soldiers, along with “hundreds” of civilians trapped underneath the Azovstal plant, and they may have only “a few hours” left to hold out. this place.

“This is our call to world, this may be our last call. We can only be here for a few more days or hours,” Volyna said in a statement. “We are asking for extradition proceedings against us and taking us to the territory of a third party.”

In a related development, the Russian military admitted that its efforts to establish a humanitarian corridor at the Azovstal plant had failed.

“We have to declare that the humanitarian operation has been interrupted, no corridors have been established. The commanders of the nationalist battalions in Ukraine could not take another chance to save their lives. take himself and the lives of his subordinates,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Kiev side accused Moscow of obstructing efforts to establish a humanitarian corridor. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereschuk accused Russia “cannot implement a decent ceasefire”.


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