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The paradoxical trial of another human thief

ChinaThought her son died when he was born, but 17 years later, suffering mother Truong Thai Hong was shocked to find that her son was adopted by another family.

Truong Thai Hong was born in 1967, working as a nurse at a hospital in Phai district, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province. She married Ly Duc Quan, an auto mechanic at the bus station, but she was not supported by her parents because she criticized Quan’s low education.

Less than half a year, Hong became pregnant, realizing that her husband was a patriarch, and her mother-in-law respected men and despised women. When she learned that she was pregnant with a daughter, her husband’s family reacted by using emotional violence to cause a miscarriage. The second pregnancy, Hong had a headache because the two families quarreled. She couldn’t go to her husband’s house, but she couldn’t stay at home, but she had to stay at the house of her maternal cousin, Wei Thanh Ha. Ha and her husband enthusiastically welcomed Hong and took good care of them in the last few days of pregnancy.

In the winter of 1993, Hong gave birth to a baby boy at a hospital near Ha’s house. Not happy for a long time, Hong heard from her sister-in-law that the child could not straighten his legs, he was disabled. Having just given birth, her health was still weak, and Hong asked Ha and her husband to take their son to the hospital for examination. After half a day, she was informed by the Hong couple that the child had died.

Hong broke down, did not know how to explain to her husband’s family. Heartbroken, after being discharged from the hospital, Hong alone went to the Northeast, jumped into the river to commit suicide but was saved. After that, she was helped by her classmates to find a doctor for psychological treatment and cut off contact with her family.

Hong disappeared, even her mother’s family did not know where she went. A year later, Quan was angry and filed a lawsuit to the court to ask for a divorce.

After being treated in the hospital for two years, Hong’s pain of losing her child gradually eased. She also missed her parents very much, so she decided to return to her hometown in 1995, returning to work at the hospital. At that time, Quan was remarried and had one child. In 1997, Hong also married a new family.

But one afternoon in January 2010, an overheard conversation turned Hong’s peaceful life upside down. She was injecting medicine to a patient when she heard a young man and woman sitting nearby talking: “I heard people say that my neighbor’s child was born by a nurse at this hospital, I heard her husband’s husband She works at the bus station. She thought her son was dead, but it’s not.”

After waiting for the injection, Hong quickly ran out to find the two people to ask for clarification, but they were nowhere to be seen. In doubt that there was something hidden that year, Hong told everything to her current husband and was supported to find children.

Hong guessed that the couple at the hospital were locals, so their neighbors might also be in Phai district. It’s been 17 years, her son is probably in high school. From then on, from time to time, Hong ran to the high schools in the district, standing at the gate looking for someone who looked like her ex-husband.

After many efforts, in September 2010, Hong saw a male student whose face resembled both hers and her ex-husband. She quietly inquired and knew the boy’s name was Luu Thuong Thuong. But Hong did not expect that the boy’s “mother” was Truong Vinh Van – the biological sister of Ha’s wife.

Hong found her ex-husband, asked her to take Thuong with her to determine the blood relationship, so that she could accept the child’s name. But Quan refused, saying that Hong was responsible for losing his child, then disappeared again. On the other hand, Quan is afraid that accepting the child will destroy the current family happiness.

Hong had to come alone to find Thuong, explain everything and convince her son to go for a DNA test. A week later, the results showed that the two were biological mother and daughter.

Hong wanted Ha and her husband to help to get their child back, but was unexpectedly kicked out of the house by them. On October 21, 2010, Hong sued Ha, but the police refused to make a file because the procedure was overdue for 10 years.

Hong returned disappointed and found that her son was nowhere to be found. It turned out that Ha informed her brother-in-law about the matter. To prevent Hong from reclaiming her child, Van allowed Thuong to change schools and change places of residence.

During the next two years, Hong joined many anti-trafficking groups, called on the community for help, and ran everywhere looking for her son’s whereabouts. In early June 2013, she received a call from a kind person revealing that Thuong would return to Phai district for the entrance exam.

However, when they met again, Thuong was indifferent to his biological mother, criticizing her for abandoning him that year. Hong knew that Thuong’s adoptive parents had fabricated himself to separate mother and child. She showed me the diary and the train tickets to look for me for the past two years.

Knowing the truth, Thuong decided to live with his biological mother, not informing his adoptive parents. Hong changed his son’s name to Truong Thuong Thuong, after his mother’s last name. Under the advice and economic support of his mother, Thuong changed his mind to work as a hired worker after graduating from high school according to the previous arrangement of his adoptive parents, and passed the entrance exam to university.

Angered that Thuong left with his biological mother, Van and his wife filed a lawsuit in court, demanding that Hong pay 300,000 yuan in child support fees.

The adoptive parents of Luu Thuong Thuong.  Photo: CCTV

The adoptive parents of Luu Thuong Thuong. Image: CCTV

On September 25, 2013, the People’s Court of Phai district heard a rare case, called “the first case of child traffickers suing the biological parents of a kidnapped child in China”.

The couple’s lawyer said that Hong was unable to raise the child at that time, so he gave the child to someone else. Van’s family has raised Thuong for 20 years, including education and medical expenses, the claim of 300,000 yuan is reasonable.

Hong’s lawyer said that she was a nurse, her husband’s family was also well off, there was no way she could not raise children. Lawyers believe that this is a case of child trafficking and that the child has been kidnapped since birth. Ha and his wife adopted a child illegally because they already had a daughter and both were under 35 years old.

Seeing no hope of winning the case, Van and his wife expressed their desire to reconcile, but Hong did not accept. However, Thuong did not want to see his biological mother and adoptive parents confront each other. Hong respects his son’s opinion, so he agrees to reconcile.

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