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The reason the police asked the court to strictly punish the abuse of an 8-year-old girl to death

The Ho Chi Minh City Police Department has completed the investigation conclusion and transferred the file to the Procuracy of the same level to propose the prosecution of the two defendants in the case of an eight-year-old NTVA girl being abused and beaten to death at the Saigon Pearl apartment , Binh thanh district.

The conclusion of the investigation proposes to prosecute Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang (born in 1995, living in Gia Lai) for murder and torturing others. Three children, Nguyen Kim Trung Thai (born in 1985, living in District 1) are proposed to be prosecuted for torturing others and hiding crimes.

Notably, in its conclusion, the Criminal Investigation Department stated that the acts of the two defendants were “dangerous to society, committed with intentional error, committed by a person with criminal capacity, and infringed upon. harming human life, health, dignity and honor; infringing upon judicial activities in the fight against crime, criminal acts of a barbaric and cruel nature, which greatly affect the public social commentary, adversely affecting social order and safety, request the court to strictly handle before the law to ensure deterrence and general prevention.

The reason the police asked the court to strictly punish the abuse of an 8-year-old girl to death - 1

Two defendants Trang and Thai. Photo: TL

According to the CQDT, while living with NTVA’s nephew, Trang knew that he was just an 8-year-old child, not yet fully developed mentally and physically, completely dependent on Trang and Thai. However, Trang still repeatedly used hands, feet, whips, metal rods (connecting pipes of vacuum cleaners), wooden trees… beat and tortured NTVA’s grandchildren. When I forced NTVA to take off my clothes, raise my hands up high to kneel to study, get into the doghouse with the dog, beat and scold me repeatedly for a long time, causing physical pain. , and spirit for you.

Trang’s conduct constitutes the crime of torturing others. For Thai, as a father, he has an obligation to take care, raise and protect NTVA’s grandchild, but when he witnessed his child being beaten and tortured by Trang, Thai did not dissuade him, but also participated in scolding and beating NTVA’s nephew. . Thai’s behavior is an accomplice with Trang on the crime of torturing others.

On December 22, 2021, Trang used a round tree (90cm long, 2.2cm wide) as a dangerous weapon. At the same time, he used his hands and feet to beat continuously on NTVA’s body for a period of 4 consecutive hours, causing An to die.

According to the analysis of consciousness, Trang must recognize that the child, NTVA, is only 8 years old, physically not fully developed, living a dependent life. In terms of condition and defenseless ability, Trang’s repeated attacks on her vital area could cause death, but Trang still intends to do so in a cruel and merciless manner. This behavior of Trang constitutes murder.

Regarding the motive, Trang stated that she beat NTVA because she did not study well. However, this statement is false. Due to the verification results at the school, working with the homeroom teacher and nanny all showed that NTVA was obedient and quick to absorb lessons. The camera data shows that there were many times Trang hit NTVA’s grandson, not while An was studying and hitting him for unreasonable reasons, making excuses to hit him.

In addition, the investigation results showed that Thai did not want to have children with Trang, and the Thai family did not accept Trang. Therefore, Trang herself is very jealous of her biological mother, NTVA, once went to her house to forbid her biological mother to see her nephew NTVA, and deleted all pictures of her ex-wife’s face on her own Facebook account.

Upon learning of Trang’s criminal behavior, Thai deleted all camera data of the apartment in order to conceal Trang’s behavior to avoid detection by the authorities, hindering the investigation and handling process. Thai behavior constitutes a crime of concealing a crime.

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