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The reason why many people do not have vaccine passports

Van Cuong (HCMC) said that he has completed three vaccinations since November 2021 but has not yet been issued a vaccine passport.

When he heard about the deployment of the vaccine passport, Mr. Cuong thought he would soon have this certificate because the information was declared correctly and fully displayed on the application. PC-Covid.

However, as of April 20, the Vaccine Passport section on the application is still empty. Meanwhile, some friends in other provinces already have passports, even though they have been vaccinated later. “It’s not clear why I’m delayed, even though my information is already on the system,” Cuong said, concerned that his upcoming overseas business trip would be affected.

The PC-Covid application shows that it has not received information about your Vaccine Passport from the Ministry of Health.

The PC-Covid app shows “Not received information about your Vaccine Passport from the Ministry of Health”.

In ‘s post VnExpress about How to see the vaccine passportmany readers also said that they have had two to three vaccines, but have not received their passports yet.

“Why not automatically switch from PC-Covid to passport for quick and easy but wait like this?”, asked reader Minh Chau.

The fact that vaccination information is available but no vaccine passport is because this information needs to be authenticated and digitally signed before being issued.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung, Deputy Director of the Health Data Center, Information Technology Department – Ministry of Health, affirmed that all people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine will have a vaccine passport without doing anything. However, the speed of issuance depends on the amount of data authenticated and digitally signed by healthcare facilities.

“Currently, every day, there are about 300,000-500,000 injector information that are digitally signed by the facilities and uploaded to the system. These people will be issued passports within the same day or the next day at the latest. After that, people can You can view the vaccine passport on the PC-Covid app,” Hung said.

According to the procedure, the vaccination facility is responsible for reviewing the information of those who have been vaccinated, connecting to the National and Population Database to validate this information and digitally sign it. After that, the information is transferred to the Department of Preventive Medicine, digitally signed and issued a certificate.

A representative of the Information Technology Department also said that a document has been sent to the relevant units, requesting to quickly complete the digital signature with all those who have injected and have authenticated information, and process all a set of people’s reflections on the Immunization Portal.

The deadline for this is set by the Ministry of Health to be April 25 for facilities under the Ministry and April 30 for all vaccination facilities in central provinces.

With 41 million injections with information on personal identification numbers, but cannot be authenticated due to errors in full name, date of birth…, relevant units will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security to “clean up” “data. The deadline for data cleaning is May 5, according to a document from the Ministry of Health on April 19.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung, data cleaning is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. “In many places, health workers are busy preparing to carry out the campaign to immunize children, get the fourth shot, or have medical workers infected with Covid-19 so it affects the progress,” he explained. Once the data is “clean”, authentication, digital signing and certification can be done quickly.

Statistics on the Immunization Portal show that more than 210 million injections have been administered. As of April 8, the Ministry of Health said that the Covid-19 Vaccine Immunization Management Platform has sent more than 196.7 million injections to the National Population Database, corresponding to more than 82.2 million people. . Of which, 72.3 million people have citizen identification information or identity cards and more than 9.9 million people do not have information. The vaccination data of the people are verified, compared with the population database, from which the vaccine passport is issued.

How to see the vaccine passport

How to view vaccine passport on PC-Covid application and electronic health book. Video: Khuong Nha

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